A Day in the Life of a Judge at the UK Digital Experience (UKDX) Awards

Posted on 20/12/2017 by Team Hallam

If you want to find out what is involved with being a judge at an event like the UK Digital Experience (UKDX) awards, then this is the blog post for you.


Wednesday 22nd November 2017


I was granted the honour of being able to judge at the UKDX awards


Wembley Stadium, London

Throughout this post I will provide a first-hand insight into what it is like to be involved with a prestigious award like the UKDX awards, acting as a judge.

I was recently lucky enough to join a panel of three other professionals, as judges for the Best Use of SEO and Cloud Service categories. Myself, Di Mayze (Managing Director at Acceleration), Kate Lincoln (Operations Director at Risual Limited) and Andy Gillet, Senior Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft made up the team of judges for these two categories.

What Was Involved Before the Day?

Before the day of the awards, we were introduced to the other judges that we would be judging with on the day, and were able to get to know each other via email and suss each other out using LinkedIn.

We were then provided with the written entries from each company for both categories and had to judge these against the marking criteria. These scores were then inputted into an online digital portal to allow them to be recorded and collated.

The Judgement Day

On the day of the judging, I made my way over from a nearby hotel, to the grand venue of Wembley Stadium.

There were plenty of helpful staff on hand and I was directed to the room that we were to be judging in. The views of the stadium were incredible, and it really set a fantastic backdrop for the day.


UKDX awards judges


The morning was action-packed, filled with lots of judging with three or four entrants for each category. We watched the finalists present their presentations and then had time to reflect individually and score each entrant against the marking criteria.

The presentations from the finalists were all of a very high quality, and the highlights included using a virtual reality (VR) headset for the first time. We also got to hear first-hand from the finalists, who were passionate about their businesses and the results that they had achieved.

As well as taking part as a judge, I was also asked to chair the judging for our panel. This responsibility included timekeeping, introducing the finalists to the judges and ensuring that there was no conferring between the judges during the scoring.

The Awards Ceremony

Following on from judging in the morning, the afternoon consisted of an awards gala, built around an exquisite three-course lunch. There were a large number of companies in attendance, and lots of great work being recognised.

I was privileged enough to be asked to present an award at the event. I presented the award for ‘Business Change’ to Sagittarius on behalf of Contiki and Cloud Service to Consortiq. It was a great moment as I was able to present the award to one of the finalists that I judged for. This was a great way to end a fantastic day.

judge at the The UKDX awards



Why Should You Consider Registering to be a Judge at an Event Like This?

I found the whole process to be informative and rewarding and would highly recommend this to those of you that are thinking of putting yourselves forward as a judge.

I learnt lots about how we as a company can improve our presence at events like this, and personally met some fantastic people and really enjoyed the whole experience.

Why Should You Consider Entering Your Company for Awards Like This?

Hallam also entered into the category of ‘Best Online User Experience B2C’, for their work with client Virtual Runner. The team presented to a different set of judges (judging the company I work for was apparently bad form); and were also invited to the awards gala. The Hallam team with Virtual Runner’s help, scooped the silver award in this category, which was a great achievement.


If you would like to find out more about the UKDX awards, then their website is worth a visit here.

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A Day in the Life of a Judge at the UK Digital Experience (UKDX) Awards

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