The Google Mobile Update and You Google has rolled out another significant update to its algorithm, the rules it uses to determine the rankings of websites in the search results. The “mobile friendly” update went live on 21 April of … Continued

What Is A LinkedIn Showcase Page? A LinkedIn Showcase Page is an extension of your Company Page and works in much the same way. Showcase Pages are designed to highlight one particular area of your business, whether that’s your top … Continued

Google Shopping allows you to place product listing ads within Google’s search results. In order to be truly effective, it has to be carefully divided in Google AdWords. In this post I will look at the best practices when using different … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

June 30 will be one second longer than any other day this year This “leap second” is added to synchronise atomic clocks with the Earth’s rotational time Every second on the internet sees 100,000 YouTube views, 9,000  tweets, more than 2 million … Continued

A groundbreaking new study promises to take all the guesswork out of Twitter, guaranteeing you maximum reach and engagement every time. When it comes to Twitter, there are certain myths that refuse to die. One of the most enduring myths … Continued

As one of the top email marketing service providers, Mailchimp offers some very useful reporting tools. But if you link your Mailchimp campaigns to Google Analytics, you’ll have much better idea of how well your campaigns are performing. Mailchimp does offer you … Continued

Competitor Analysis

I love it when Rand Fishkin from Moz undertakes live experiments to test the impact of user interaction and behaviour on the Google search results.  I’ve seen him do it at conferences in London, and he’s back at it again. He’s … Continued

We’re offering a great opportunity for a talented digitally-native Front End Web Developer to join our growing Digital Marketing team. We are looking for the right person to fit in with our professional team: a creative self starter, able to … Continued

Nottingham based Hallam Internet’s MD Susan Hallam has been selected to be part of the Nottingham Creative Class of Top Ten Entrepreneurs. Creative Class leaders are picked each year to represent the flair and entrepreneurial talent in Nottingham. They are … Continued

PPC Management

Why do your consumers buy online? What triggers them to click the “buy now” button? Understanding the psychology behind your customers’ thought processes can enable you to boost your online conversions in an entirely ethical and sustainable manner. One reason Amazon and eBay … Continued