Remarketing can be a great tool for growing your business and for achieving a variety of business objectives. Remarketing through Google Adwords allows you to tailor your campaign to meet your goals, whether it be: Growing your brand Increasing site engagement … Continued

Twitter is a great platform for communicating your brand message and driving traffic to your site, and retweeting allows you to share interesting content with your followers. But what should you be retweeting, and why? Before you hit that retweet button, take some time to … Continued

With Google’s almost complete dominance of search and paid advertising channels, it’s easy to overlook Bing altogether. If you are already running paid search campaigns using Google AdWords, why would you even consider using BingAds? Surely you’ve got all the traffic you need? … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Keyword cannibalisation occurs when multiple pages on a website target the same or similar keywords. When this happens the search engines may have difficulty deciding which page is the most appropriate page to rank for the search query, which in … Continued

In February Google announced a significant new update for Google My Business that gives page owners more control over the images that are displayed on Google Plus alongside their map and search results. The update means that page owners are now able to … Continued

Online checkouts present the last hurdle from turning eCommerce website visitors into valuable customers. On average, 68% of eCommerce visitors abandon their baskets at checkout. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this might happen, before discussing the ways in which you can encourage your … Continued

Competitor Analysis

Not surprisingly, website crawl errors such as Soft 404s often go unnoticed by many marketers in favour of less technological aspects of SEO. We often discuss topics such as the creation of quality content, and the importance of building authority in your website’s domain, while it’s all … Continued

In March 2014, we wondered about the potential of Snapchat as a marketing platform. Then, in October, we explored Snapchat’s first forays into advertising. It’s now March 2015, and Snapchat advertising is here to stay. What’s more, it appears to be … Continued

The more pages of content your website has, the more important it is to include a search box to help your visitors quickly find the products or the information they need. According to E-Consultancy, up to 30% of visitors will conduct … Continued

PPC Management

Photo Spheres are  360º panoramic photos that you can create using just your smartphone or DSLR camera. They are a great way to “share the world in 360º”.  Unlike normal photos where a single viewpoint is captured, photo spheres allow others to freely look … Continued