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Social Media

Can you use Meta for effective B2B paid advertising?

It’s no surprise to anyone that Meta is a powerhouse social media platform. Boasting over 3 billion monthly active users…

Ai and Machine Learning

Share of Model: a key metric for AI-powered search

We continue to adapt our measurement techniques to keep pace with technological advancements. From metrics such as share of voice…


Understanding Navboost: key insights from the recent Google API leaks

The SEO community has been digesting the recent leak of thousands of Google API documents, offering unprecedented insights into the…

Web Design + Development

What you’re getting wrong about your customers

So you think you know your customers inside out? Think again. From misunderstanding their wants and needs to misinterpreting their…


Getting the most out of your creative team

In 2024, you’d be forgiven for thinking that getting great creative work is a doddle. After all, you can even…

eBooks + Downloadable Content

Digital trends report: what happened in June

June was yet another busy month in the land of digital marketing. Our expert strategists take a look at key…


Hallam is shortlisted for five awards 🤩

Following an award-winning May, we're thrilled to announce that we've been shortlisted for five more awards this week! Firstly, the…


The rise of voice search

When users’ search behaviour is constantly changing, staying up to date with search technology is crucial. In recent years, the…


Paid advertising beyond search: exploring alternative strategies for marketing success

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, search advertising remains integral to every paid media strategy, with Google remaining a…


See the first wave of speakers for the Nottingham Digital Summit  2024

Every year that we run the Nottingham Digital Summit, we think that we've outdone ourselves with our speaker line-up. But now…

Digital Strategy

What’s the ROI of brand? That’s the wrong question

When we speak with clients about their brand - whether it’s reviewing the overarching strategy, ensuring the positioning is still…

Data + Privacy

Protecting our brand: how we combated scammers and safeguarded our customers

In today's digital landscape, protecting your brand from scammers is more crucial than ever. At Hallam, we began receiving an…

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