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Growing pains: bold strategies to outperform a challenging marketplace

On the 26th March 2024, Hallam, alongside our partners at LinkedIn, hosted an exclusive event focused on how B2B brands…


Navigating the shift from precision to prediction in marketing measurement

The imminent deprecation of third-party cookies, coupled with increasing privacy regulations and fragmented media consumption, is significantly altering the foundation…


Our Project Management team continues to go from strength-to-strength

Following a year of great success, we're delighted to announce the growth of our Project Management team. The expansion sees…


The Psychology of Ad Clicks: Understanding Consumer Behaviour in Paid Advertising

Every brand, in some capacity, is running digital ads, meaning standing out amongst your competitors is harder than ever. What…


A blueprint for advertising an app

In today's world, where smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, the demand for mobile apps is skyrocketing.…


Hallam bags six nominations for the European Search Awards 2024

The European Search Awards are back for 2024 and we’ve been named as finalists for an incredible six categories. About…

eBooks + Downloadable Content

April 2024: digital trends report

As we head into Q2, economic uncertainty continues to be a huge factor in determining where your marketing budget is…

Ai and Machine Learning

Algorithmically woven words: navigating a labyrinthine tapestry*

Since the advent of AI based on large language models, such as ChatGPT, there’s been a lot written about the…

Web Design + Development

Web accessibility is set to become a legal requirement: are you ready?

On the 28th June 2025, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) comes into effect. Although there’s already been a directive in…

Digital Strategy

How to get visibility into the B2B buyer journey

When researching the key challenges of B2B marketers, the complexity of the buyer journey always comes top of the list.…

Social Media

Social commerce advertising: turning social media into a sales channel

The merging of shopping and social media certainly isn’t a recent development, but in the ever-changing digital sphere, the game…


Designing from a distance: collaborating with a remote-first creative team

It’s not news to anyone that how we work has changed dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic. Adaptations and new working…

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