Following is different to connecting in a couple of main ways. Fundamentally, connecting and following on LinkedIn represents two different ways of engaging. A good analogy would be to think of connecting as more like becoming a friend with someone … Continued

Recently Google made a major announcement regarding mobile-friendliness as an SEO ranking signal. In brief, starting 21 April 2015 Google will be changing its algorithm such that the mobile search results will favour content that is optimised for mobile devices. Here … Continued

Email newsletters are a fantastic way of communicating with your subscribers. They act as an extension of your other marketing communications, and can be used to raise brand awareness, increase website traffic, drive sales and share company news. If you’re thinking … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Bid adjustments are vital towards achieving better results for pay-per-click advertising. Unfortunately there is always one adjustment that’s missing; separate bid adjustments for tablet devices. Why PPC Bid Adjustments Matter To get the highest levels of paid advertising returns it’s a great … Continued

The growth of Hallam Internet continues with the appointment of five Digital Marketing Executives this month. We are delighted to welcome our new Hallam Five-0 team:  Ben Crossland, Carla Froggatt, Eleanor Reynolds, Lauren Ahluwalia and Sarah Tween to our central Nottingham … Continued

According to a report by digital marketing software developers Hubspot, businesses that commit to blogging receive 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that do not. It’s therefore safe to say that your business needs a blog. But … Continued

Competitor Analysis

Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded desktop for the first time in July last year, the biggest shift since the internet began. Today, one in every four searches happens on mobile, with 50 percent of mobile searchers using their device to begin … Continued

Google recently released guidance for webmasters who want to add social media profile information to the Google Knowledge graph. Ultimately, these entities will appear for certain search terms. The guidance released by Google states that it is possible to use structured data … Continued

Do you have a “wait and see” approach when it comes to the mobile marketing of your tourism and leisure business? It is no secret that we are all using their mobile phones as part of our daily lives, and increasingly this includes … Continued

PPC Management

Google isn’t just about text anymore. The search giant is making great strides in understanding and indexing images. Google’s GoogLeNet project was one of the winning teams in the 2014 ImageNet large-scale visual recognition challenge (ILSVRC), an annual competition to measure improvements in … Continued