For marketers, developing your personal digital marketing skills is now crucial to staying relevant in your career.

Digital marketing entrepreneur and Hallam CEO Susan Hallam MBE, has been further recognised as one the leading voices in the industry by the British Interactive Media Association.

If Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, Henry VIII, Napoleon, and Florence Nightingale woke up in 2018, what would they Google?

Whether a small business breakfast or a large conference, digital is a key part of your marketing mix to raise awareness of your event, and get more bums on seats.

Alongside the increasing importance of voice search in the SEO world, visual search technology continues to advance. What is visual search, and what do digital marketers need to know?

This post aims to provide you with an overview of useful techniques for testing websites, including tools and creative ways of thinking to ensure your web-based products are of high...

Mailto links are sometimes the only option available for visitors who wish to initiate contact with a business via their website.

According to a study carried out by SEMrush on 80 million keywords, 41% of keywords that include a question have featured snippets. Therefore, understanding them and their potential has become...

We are proud to announce the appointment of Stuart Ross as Hallam's new managing director.