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For many businesses, competing in the Digital Marketing game is tough.  It involves a big commitment of your time and money. You need to be sure of your return on investment.  And you need to know that it’s working for you. From … Continued

This post will look at the types of data feed that you can submit to Merchant Center. We’ll list all the accepted file formats so you can choose the one that suits you best. Some types of data feed are more suitable … Continued

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Shopping is a great platform for ecommerce site owners to advertise and sell products online. But setting up Google product listing adverts does initially require quite a bit of work. The good news is that once you’ve setup your … Continued

What is a Malware Warning? If you’ve logged into your Google Search Console account recently and seen the following notification next to your property, you may have understandably started to panic: Clicking on the ‘Check property health’ link will present … Continued

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Competitor Analysis

Mobile Apps offer a unique way to engage with your best customers while targeting and converting new customers. This could be in the form of social networking, gaming, aiding the offline experience, and driving ecommerce loyalty. As of June 2015, more … Continued

Display advertising doesn’t tend to get much appreciation. It yields lower click through rates and isn’t as targeted as the search network. I must admit, I thought the same thing. That is, until I considered it for a client of … Continued

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PPC Management

We’re offering a great opportunity for an experienced Digital Marketing Executive with strong e-commerce experience to join our team of digital marketing professionals. Joining our team of digital experts, you will be using your e-commerce knowledge and experience to make our growing base of e-commerce clients more successful through … Continued