data and insights 2019

Jonathan Ellins

Data and insights trends for 2019 and beyond

content marketing

Susan Hallam MBE

How to measure content effectiveness: a Google Analytics dashboard

Sam Howard Nottingham Digital Summit

Elle Pollicott

Uncovering the “Why” in the Data-Driven World of “What” - Dr Sam Howard - Nottingham Digital Summit

mailto in google tag manager

Eleanor Reynolds

How to track mailto clicks within Google Analytics using Tag Manager

Example of graphs and statistics for a business' digital strategy

Kevin Kapezi

How to Develop a Digital Strategy Using Data

Digital Strategy

Team Hallam

5 Easy Steps to Create a Digital Strategy

leadfeeder specific pages

Susan Hallam MBE

Leadfeeder Review: B2B Lead Generation Tool

generation z advertising - baby on a laptop

Eleanor Reynolds

Gender Neutral Advertising: Marketing for Generation Z

dashboard for ppc in google sheets

Ben Wood

How to Create a PPC Analytics Dashboard Using Google Sheets

google analytics logo

Jonathan Ellins

Google Analytics demographic data on age, gender and interests

YouGov customer profiling tool

Team Hallam

How to Create a Customer Profile


Mark Sansum

Google Optimize - The Best Free Tool You Are Not Using