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Teamwork is our DNA.

Fusing precision and persuasion, Unity meets the ever-increasing demands of modern marketing.

Through our interdependent, multidisciplinary, collaborative approach, we use our expertise to balance
short-term gain with long-term growth, turning business goals into impactful results. Here’s how:

Our approach

A proven framework that adapts around you


The best results come from collaboration. So we take a one-agency approach: a unified, integrated way of working together as one team.


Our versatile, multi-skilled squads work towards shared goals born from a strategic plan that’s focused on achieving your business objectives.


Because one team with shared goals means better results. We simply call it Unity.

We’re a collaborative agency

We work in partnership with you to create integrated marketing strategies that increase your revenue and deliver exceptional results. 

Here’s what we do

The Drum Recommended Digital Agency Awards 2018

Client testimonial

Using a tailor-made approach

Boots testimonial

“If Hallam didn't exist, we'd have to downscale considerably. We'd have to bring in a performance agency and sacrifice the strategy element. There isn't a lift-and-shift we could do to take Hallam's work and give it to someone else and see no change”

Jack Dinmore - Head of Digital

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