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Gain a deeper understanding of the value that you deliver to your customers, how you measure up to your competitors and your brand’s place in the market, all with expert recommendations and actionable insights.

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Expert market research for sustainable business growth

In a complex and rapidly changing environment, organisations need real-world insights to make smarter decisions. Our market research can help you find answers to key strategic questions.

We use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to help deepen our understanding of customers, employees and the broader marketplace.

Qualitative research

Qualitative research gives us the opportunity to hear directly from customers, employees or industry experts. It’s good for uncovering feelings and attitudes about a brand, product or cultural touchpoint. Qualitative deepens our sense of empathy for the people our activity will impact. While there are a lot of benefits to qual methodologies, it does mean smaller sample sizes and no hard numbers you may need to make decisions.

Quantitative research

Quantitative research is more definitive and will give us the numbers we need as we can go out to larger sample sizes. Quantitative is really good for testing assumptions and measuring the trends we uncovered in qual to see if there is widespread support for those views and attitudes. This is also where we can start to pull in demographic or firmographic data to help with segmentation analysis.

We’ll identify what problem you need to solve and what data you need to solve it and then design the research approach that will deliver.

Market research platforms

We have subscriptions to many of the leading market research platforms and can draw on existing secondary research or partner with them to do custom research on behalf of our clients.

Platforms like Google’s Market Explorer, Statista, SimilarWeb, SEMrush, Sistrix and others cover a wide range of subjects and sectors, contain data on both B2B and B2C and allow us to do competitive research.

These platforms also give us an international perspective, so if you’re looking to expand into new markets, we can help with market research around those opportunities.

Market research partners

In addition to the strategists and channel experts who can handle most of the research requests, we also have a select group of market research partners who are on hand to help with larger and more complex projects.

If you have a niche audience to reach or a large-scale, multinational research project, we have expert partners who can support under our strategic direction.

Actionable recommendations based on real-world insights

Rushing into action without enough information can lead to the wrong things being done, wasted budgets, inefficiencies across the business and poor business outcomes.

Taking the time to do market research will provide a clear-eyed view of where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there.

Better understand your customers or employees

Whether you’re looking to increase leads or sales with customers or you want to develop your position as an employer brand, we can help you understand the attitudes, behaviours, values, perceptions and satisfaction of your current customers and employees.

Develop new and existing markets with confidence

If you’re looking to grow your business by going deeper into an existing market or expanding into a new market, we can help identify where the biggest opportunities are. And we can also guide you through any transcreation activity to ensure your brand lands well internationally.

Gain clarity on brand and marketing research

How well-known is your brand? And what do people actually think about you? Our market research around your brand and marketing activity can uncover people’s awareness and associations about you and your products. This can also be paired with competitive benchmarking to see how you compare to other brands in the marketplace.

New product development

Research has shown that most new product launches fail. The simple reason is that most new product development isn’t grounded in market research.

We’ll help put the foundational research in place to ensure your product launch is a success – gaining insight on the product, price and distribution channels and uncovering the right creative idea for the launch campaign.

We’ll help you identify the right target customers, clarify the messaging and positioning for the launch and set the right objectives to measure success.

We’re more than a strategy agency.

We have the capability to execute all the key services you need to turn strategy into action, and stay ahead of competitors.

Recognised industry expertise

Our experts regularly contribute to the most important conversations happening in marketing today — we’re helping to lead the conversation in marketing. You’ll find our voice featured in articles on The Drum, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Econsultancy, State of Digital and many more places.

We also speak at conferences and events such as Google Live, SMX, SEO Brighton, Nottingham Digital Summit and various Google events.

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Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by market research?

There are a number of different methods we’d explore in your market, through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research tactics. This can be done at a basic level through customer surveys and focus groups, or at a broader level through surveying a representative sample from the total addressable market – it really depends on what you’re trying to uncover from the research process.

What platforms do you use to conduct research?

We are able to cover a wide range of sectors and subjects through our subscriptions to leading market research platforms, including SimilarWeb, Statista, Sistrix, SEMrush and Google’s Market Explorer. The international aspect of these platforms also means our research doesn’t have to be limited to the UK; ideal if you’re looking to move into new territories.

What are the key stages of a research project?

We start every project with a brief. This helps us identify requirements and goals. Once the project outcome has been signed off, we create a plan to help us gather the best insights. It’s at this stage we select which research methods to use, formulate the questions we want to ask and work with our clients to recruit participants. We then run the research programme and, once complete, analyse the data, join the dots and present the key findings, alongside guidance on how to make the most of them.