Programmatic display

Reach your target market at the right time and place, while paying the lowest price to acquire relevant traffic.

Our approach

We use innovative technology to focus on objectives and goals

Our approach to programmatic display is focused on three key things:

Leading technology

We purchase ad inventory in real-time using AdRoll’s demand side-platform, bidding on premium websites at a fraction of the cost.

Objective led

We build campaigns around a primary objective to ensure there’s a single focus point, which allows us to deliver the best results.

Goal aligned

We establish your desired target audiences, to ensure messaging is consistent and all communications are working towards the same goals.

Highly efficient programmatic display at a fraction of the cost

We have a valuable relationship with AdRoll, a cross-channel marketing provider, which puts leading technology within our grasp. Using complex algorithms and a bank of valuable user data, we’re able to target individuals with tailored messaging at times that are most appropriate for them.

We’re also able to use multi-touch attribution reporting to truly understand the value campaigns drive, and the influence they have during customers’ conversion journey.

Accurate advertising

Although programmatic advertising allows for accurate targeting and is the most efficient way to serve ads, it can also be hard to control without a proper structure. So when we run a campaign, we build it around a primary objective to ensure there is a point of focus – which always delivers the best results.

We’ll also take secondary objectives from clients, as the power of programmatic advertising can mean multiple goals can be achieved – we just ensure these support the primary, rather than work against it.

An extensive reach

With an extensive reach of over 200 leading ad networks, as well as 2 billion active social media accounts, we’re best placed to get you the digital ad space your business needs. Talk to us today about programmatic display.

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“The Hallam team has been our “critical friend” – challenging our thinking, raising our awareness of new marketing opportunities, and providing us with support and guidance.”

Sally Middlemiss - Director, Rutland Cycling

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