Google Shopping

Make your products stand out on the web’s most popular price comparison service.

Our approach

A customer-centric approach backed by scientific data

Our approach ensures efficiency and the best possible return on your Google Shopping spend.

Data-driven decisions

Based on business objectives, we use data to dictate key decisions such as structure and bid changes.


We automate as many of our processes as possible. This ensures any changes are made quickly and accurately.

Campaign planning

We constantly review the network and source third-party data to predict upcoming changes to the ad landscape, enabling us to plan effectively.

Award-winning innovation

We have been shortlisted for the Google Shopping Innovation Award for the past 2 years at the prestigious Google EMEA Premier Partner Awards, meaning we’re in the top 5% of over 5000 Google Premier Partner agencies in EMEA.

Bespoke scripts

Our custom scripts and automated processes will elevate your Google Shopping strategy

Google Shopping is one of the best ways to highlight your competitive pricing and show your products to millions of people. Not currently using it? Our team of highly skilled experts won’t just show you how, but they’ll execute it in a way that guarantees success. With custom scripts written to meet your business objectives and bespoke campaign structures, they’ll seamlessly incorporate it into your wider PPC strategy.

Take advantage of automation

Automation plays a big part in our Google Shopping strategy, and in fact, we try to automate as many of our processes as possible. They’re carried out with high regularity, ensuring we can make changes quickly if need be.

Two key areas in which we utilise automation are structure and bidding, and it proves vital in producing the best results. We automatically create bespoke campaign structures based on previous performance data, and we then apply custom bidding scripts to set the best maximum Cost Per Click. Finally, we allow our main advertising partners, Google, Bing & AdRoll to change bids in real-time for improved accuracy.

Always reviewing

In order to help our clients remain competitive, we constantly review the network for their sector. This means we are able to plan effectively and ensure our clients are ahead of the competitors in areas such as new ad products and user trends.

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