If you’re offering a better price than your competitors, with Google Shopping you can let the world know

Google Shopping is an online price comparison service. It allows users to search for products listed on online shopping sites and compare the prices offered by different businesses – all from the comfort of the Google search results.

If you’re not currently using Google Shopping, you’re missing out!

  • Ensure that your products are seen by relevant potential customers
  • Get an edge over your competitors through highlighting your best deals
  • Retain complete control of your account while reducing the cost of generating each sale
  • Speak at any time with your own dedicated Google accredited ecommerce specialist

Work with us, and we can help you to develop a comprehensive paid search strategy that’s tailored to your unique business requirements. We can show you how to use every available platform to its best advantage.

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In exchange for a small fee, Google Shopping will display your product directly in the search results for terms relevant to your brand.

How does Google Shopping Work?

Let’s say you sell red dresses. Google Shopping can display your products in the search results for the term “red dresses.”

It sounds simple, but this system offers one major benefit that makes it indispensable: as well as your products, it also displays your prices.

Why Does This Matter?

People who shop online are constantly looking for the best deals. So if your prices are lower than those of your competitors, Google Shopping can give you a significant edge.

After all, why would prospects buy from your competitors when they can get a better deal from you?

An Impressive ROI for a Small Fee.

Like AdWords, Google’s shopping service works on a pay per click model. However, the cost of a click on Google Shopping is considerably lower than it is on AdWords. This means that it can deliver a much higher ROI.

But Google Shopping isn’t intended to act as your main paid search channel.

If you rely solely on Google’s shopping service for your paid search strategy, you’re unlikely to see much results.

So if you want to ensure that your products and your prices are seen by as many potential customers as possible, it’s best to approach Google Shopping as part of your overall paid search property.

Please note that Google Shopping is only available to ecommerce businesses – that is, businesses that sell products online as opposed to services.

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