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To maximise the efficiency of your marketing efforts you need to track accurately and take full advantage of Google Analytics features.

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Google Analytics in practice

Google Analytics is the most common web tracking software in use globally. It’s powerful, free and critical to most digital marketing teams. With that in mind we work to ensure your Google Analytics setup isn’t broken, is designed to help you succeed and that you’re fully trained on how to use it.

This will enable you to have full clarity on what’s performing within your business.

Analytics at the heart

As we’re a multi-service agency, Google Analytics has always been at the heart of our business. We’ve set up and managed analytics platforms from every size of website and business.

Businesses thrive on Insights. However, to be useful, these insights must follow the fundamentals of good data acquisition. Good data leads to easy analysis, strong insights and decisive action. You can’t go back in time and fix bad data, so it’s critical to prioritise your analytics setup to ensure that all your teams have the information they need to drive your business forward.

Innovation in Analytics

We’ve pioneered new ways of utilising Google Analytics to maximum effect. By re-importing post-conversion events into Google Analytics you can see which of your channels are delivering true sales, not just leads.

Our Google Premier Partner award was driven by the high-level analysis undertaken by our consultants, thanks to the advanced set up we’d put into Google Analytics. Make your data work for you, or it’ll end up working against you.

Unify your Analytics

From SEO to paid search to paid social and email, all channels tie into Google Analytics. So it’s critical that we understand all the different channels, and how they deliver value to your business. As it’s so easy to get caught up in deep dives into single channels, there’s a danger you could lose sight of the bigger picture.

Through our unified approach we are able to pull in experts from every specialism to ensure that the setup and reporting you will do from your analytics is representative of the real effect that each channel is generating.

Our approach to Analytics

Everyone says they’re data driven. But few actually live it. To be truly data driven you must start from the ground up. You need quality data flowing into your Analytics account, so that you can then analyse it correctly and deliver actionable insights for your business.

If you can make smarter decisions than your competitors, you can find that edge and then exploit it until you obtain that dominant position everyone is looking for.


Insight is the value. Insight tells you what to do, and what actions to follow to improve your marketing. If your Analytics doesn’t generate any insights then what’s the point? Insights should be simple, actionable and decisive.


Analysis is the why. Insight without analysis is just baseless assumptions with no fundamentals. Analysis is when you undertake that messy work of digging under the hood of your website to find nuggets of gold. It’s through analysis that you gain confidence in your insights to enable decisive action. Analysis should be complex and innovative.


Data is the how. Data isn’t fun or sexy, but it’s utterly essential for your business. It’s the foundations of the building, the janitorial work, the accounts department. Poor data leads to weak analysis, wrong insights and faulty actions. Data is not the thing you want, but it is what you need. Good data should be robust, reliable and accurate.

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Recognised industry expertise

Our experts regularly contribute to the most important conversations happening in marketing today — we’re helping to lead the conversation in marketing. You’ll find our voice featured in articles on The Drum, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Econsultancy, State of Digital and many more places.

We also speak at conferences and events such as Google Live, SMX, SEO Brighton, Nottingham Digital Summit and various Google events.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I be swapping to GA4?

You should be setting up GA4 to work in parallel to your existing UA installation. This is because you want to be populating the GA4 property with historical data. However the front-end of GA4 is not yet up to UA’s standards.

Why should I work with Hallam Analytics?

We’ve been in the Analytics game since 1999. We’ve seen it all, and have measured results and analysed performances for clients from all industries and sectors. Hallam is a safe pair of hands. We’ve won The Drum Search Awards for our performance across all services, and won Google’s Premier Partner Award EMEA in 2019. Check out our case studies for more award-winning results.

What attribution model do you use?

This varies on a client by client basis. However, our preference is to primarily rely on Google’s Data-Driven Attribution, backed up by econometric-based models such as media mix modelling.

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