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Track every positive user interaction with your website and measure performance from different sources, campaigns, or landing pages with Universal Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4.

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Reveal key insights with enhanced analytics

Any website user has the potential to be your next new customer. Track every visit, every KPI and every conversion to discover your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Get ready for Google Analytics 4

After more than 17 years’ service, Google’s Universal Analytics tool will soon be replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 is a completely new tracking engine that is flexible enough to combine website data, app data, real-world data and data from other tools and platforms. Due to GA4’s simplicity ‘under the hood’, far greater insights can be gathered through conversion funnels, user scoping, dynamic audiences and machine learning.

Stay ahead of the curve

Google will stop their standard Universal Analytics processing new hits on 1 July 2023. So now’s the time to collect data for year-on-year comparisons and to beat many businesses who leave it until the last minute. The sooner data is collected in GA4, the more insights you can gain with its advanced reporting down the line, future proofing your first party data. As we transition to GA4, we can run both Universal Analytics and GA4 in parallel to get the best of both worlds.

Don’t set and forget

It’s easy to enable Google Analytics tracking and just walk away. After time though, you may wish to view performance of a certain KPI, or segment out specific users based on their behaviour. But what if you find that tracking wasn’t fully set up? We ensure that every single positive action on the website is recorded via custom triggers and tags on Google Tag Manager, so that all meaningful data is stored in Google Analytics, which becomes your single source of truth.

Get fully tracked without delay

Take full advantage of Google’s free analytics tool and see what it reveals about your website users. Find the weakest link in your sales funnel, where ad spend is being wasted and how to attract more of your most valuable visitors.

Track everything

To reveal the sources of all leads generated, tracking can be extended to cover phone calls, live chat tools and emails. For e-commerce sites, enhanced e-commerce tracking not only covers transactional data, but also, for different user segments, reveals valuable statistics on which products are viewed, added to the basket, brought into the checkout and, ultimately, purchased (or not). For lead or quote generation websites, we can import key offline conversion data back into Google Analytics to get a full picture, from user interest all the way to customer acquisition.

Report your return on investment

Syncing Google Analytics and paid advertising platforms into Google Data Studio allows us to report on direct ROI from paid advertising. The reports, which are auto-updated every morning, are dynamically generated, meaning that they will show any date range chosen. Find the campaigns or channels which have a negative ROI and pour those budgets into campaigns or channels with positive ROI to squeeze every penny out of paid advertising returns.

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Frequently asked questions

Isn’t it really easy to install GA4?

That’s true. On some websites, Google Analytics 4 can be installed in minutes. But installation is only a small part of the work required to align with your business objectives and key website features. It’s not as easy to track all relevant user events, conversions and scopes on a website.

Is GA4 GDPR compliant?

As it tracks users from page-to-page using first party cookies, Google Analytics 4 is not fully GDPR compliant. If used in conjunction with a cookie compliance tool, such as Cookiebot, we can ensure that Google Analytics has the privacy level you desire.

Do you offer GA4 training?

There’s an optional GA4 training package included in our main Google Analytics setup service. If you need in-person training, or training for a large company group, then we can accommodate all needs.