With a good remarketing strategy, you can effortlessly drive sales among established leads

A successful remarketing strategy:

  • Ensures that your most popular products and services receive the most exposure
  • Allows you to continuously monitor performance and hone your strategy with detailed monthly reports
  • Lets you speak at any time with your own expert Google AdWords accredited consultant

Work with us and we can help you to devise an intelligent remarketing strategy that carefully tailors your campaigns for the format.

We’ll ensure that your most popular products and services receive the most exposure. So you can expect to drive sales, convert leads, and receive the best possible ROI on your paid search budget.

We’ll continuously monitor the effectiveness of your remarketing ads, sending you detailed monthly reports that you can use to review performance and hone your strategy.

And if you ever want to discuss your remarketing efforts, your own dedicated Google AdWords accredited consultant will always be but a phone call away.


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Our experts share their thoughts

Remarketing can prove hugely effective at driving sales, as it directly targets existing leads.

When Done Correctly, Remarketing Ads are Almost Impossible to Ignore!

When you set up a remarketing campaign, your adverts will be seen by people who have already visited your website.

This means that you can design your adverts to target people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services.

How Does it Work?

Say a customer’s viewed a product on your site, but they didn’t make that final purchase. Maybe they changed their mind at the last minute. Maybe they were distracted.

In any case, they were going to make a purchase, but they didn’t. How frustrating!

But if you set up remarketing for your site, your customer will continue to see ads for your products as they browse the web over the coming days and weeks.

They may be reminded of the purchase they were this close to making. This might be exactly the thing that finally converts them into a paying customer. 

Remarketing is best thought of as a particularly cost-effective form of display advertising. It’s to be treated as a single component as part of a comprehensive paid search strategy.

If You Want to See Results, You Need to Think Strategically.

Far too many businesses simply use the same adverts for their remarketing campaigns as they do for their other PPC campaigns.

While this will save them some time, it’s probably not going to generate any good results.

Remarketing ads make the most impact when they are focused, targeted, and considered.

That’s why you need an experienced and reliable team of paid search specialists on your side. We know how to create remarketing ads that work.

Why Work With Hallam?

You Get a Completely Bespoke Service

This is one area where the one size fits all approach is almost guaranteed to fail.

So work with us, and our PPC experts will take the time to assess your complete advertising needs. They’ll then create a bespoke campaign that’s specifically designed to help you achieve your business objectives.

We Have a Long Track Record of Success

We’ve been delivering successful paid search campaigns for over a decade. We have scores of glowing client testimonials to prove it.

Our long and demonstrable track record of success proves that our techniques work.

We’re Here For You Whenever You Need Us

Work with us, and a dedicated Google accredited consultant will be assigned to your case. You’ll always have a direct point of contact. So if you ever want to discuss any aspect of your paid search campaign, all you have to do is call.