Make sure your ads are seen by the people who’ve already seen your site, and already know they need your products or services.

Our approach

We combine website users and internal customer lists to make the most sophisticated audiences

Our approach to remarketing is focused, targeted and considered. It revolves around three key things:

Staircase model

Using a variety of audience lists with both targeting and negative targeting, we’re able to tailor messaging to specific customer segments.

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Cross-channel targeting

We create a wealth of audiences lists, taking into consideration a user’s path to site, and use them for a variety of ad campaigns.

Extensive reach

We place ads on over 500 different ad exchanges and 1000+ marketplaces. This reach means we have access to 96% of the total global online ad inventory.

We’ll make your remarketing ads impossible to pass over

User buying behavior continues to become increasingly complex. With alternative channels for shoppers to obtain information, and more choices of where to purchase from than ever before, it’s vital advertisers understand the common paths taken. Our approach allows us to do this, and target potential customers while they manoeuvre from one network to another.

Bespoke modelling

We create a variety of bespoke audience lists based on your business’ campaign objectives, then deliver fluid ad messaging to users depending on where they are in the conversion funnel. We make considered use of negative bidding on lists to ensure the accuracy of the message to certain segments is high – and by using our unique ‘staircase’ model, converted users can be removed from targeting without disrupting a campaign’s targeting.

All of this is achieved by automatically moving users between lists based on their online behaviours.

With offices in Nottingham and London, our PPC experts are skilled in creating remarketing ads that get the results you want – so if you want to see how we can help your efforts, just get in touch.

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