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Brand audits

An in-depth review of your brand and its creative assets, with expert recommendations and actionable insights.

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Know where you stand

Gain a deeper understanding of how your brand makes people feel, how it measures up against competitors, and how it could evolve to meet your future needs.

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Audits raise visibility on business needs

See more with the complete picture

We use research data and the opinions of our brand experts to give you a deep, wide-angle review of your brand’s current status. Looking at it from every perspective, we evaluate your brand’s positioning, structure, visual assets and guidelines.

Your brand is behind everything

In many ways, a strong brand is at the core of a company’s success. Your audit will equip you with a substantial foundation for any brand strategy or marketing plan. The intelligence it provides will help you make the best use of your resources, make the best decisions about the future of your brand, and see just how it can drive success.

Expert analysis

Our brand audits are conducted by a specialist team within the agency, made up of strategists, creatives and copywriters, with additional input from our digital marketing experts. Together, they provide insights into what’s working, and reveal what’s not.

Why you need a brand audit

You don’t determine what your brand is or isn’t – your customers do. So, even if you’ve a stellar product or service to offer, a weak, inconsistent brand could create problems. It could certainly erode trust and lead to confusion and miscommunication. Critically, brand inconsistency can also have a negative impact on consumer loyalty and result in a poor customer experience.

Gain brand advantage

While there are obvious downsides to having an ineffectual brand, there are many advantages in creating a strong one. The insights gained through our audit will enable you to increase brand recognition, boost advertising effectiveness and, at a time when it’s easier than ever for people to shop around, inspire brand allegiance.

How it works

The overall aim of our audit is to provide clarity on a brand’s current situation and a clear roadmap of what to do next.

Starting with a kick-off workshop with key stakeholders, our brand audit process includes customer, competitor and employee research, along with a creative review and analysis of customer-facing visuals and messaging. Our TechOps team will also create a Share of Search Report – a historical analysis to understand how much search volume is owned by your brand.

How we work, works

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a brand audit?

An expert review from the experts at Hallam will determine the current strength of your brand proposition. This is important because strong, consistent brands can increase recognition, boost advertising effectiveness and reduce price sensitivity, while inspiring brand allegiance and driving competitive advantage.

What’s included in the brand audit?

Our in-depth review of your brand and its creative assets, with recommendations and actionable insights, includes:

  • An overview of your brand aspirations
  • Share of Search Report
  • Employee perception and insights
  • Customer perception and insights
  • Expert analysis of creative attributes
  • Expert analysis of competitors
  • Suggested improvements for your brand.
What are the dangers associated with a weak brand?

Weak, inconsistent brands can not only lead to confusion and miscommunication but an erosion of trust, while negatively impacting customer loyalty and resulting in a poor customer experience.

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