easter eggs

Susan Hallam MBE

Google's Easter Eggs and Hidden Jokes

PPC targeted location

Irina Holliday

How to Target your PPC Ads for Locations

Hallam Digital Marketing Map 2020

Susan Hallam MBE

Digital Marketing Map 2020

Google Performance Planner

Irina Holliday

Google performance planner 

Article Schema

Eleanor Reynolds

How to Add Article Schema Markup to Blog Posts

Google Ads: Pros and Cons

Irina Holliday

Google Ads: Pros and Cons

Google Analytics demographics

Jonathan Ellins

Google Analytics demographic data on age, gender and interests

Jonathan Ellins

Google Analytics: hour of day & day of week reports

Google Ads Call Tracking

Jack Brown

Google Ads Call Tracking - What, How and Why?

Man Googling on his phone

Irina Holliday

An Introduction to Google Discovery Ads

Local SEO for Restaurant

Emily Swinscoe

Local SEO for Restaurants

click to text advertising

Leo Worsley

What is Ads Click to Text (SMS) and does it work?