Google monopoly

Susan Hallam MBE

Google's own advertising: competition, monopoly and fairness

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Jonathan Ellins

Data and insights trends for 2019 and beyond

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What it means to be a Google Premier Partner

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What you need to know about Google+ shutting down

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Inside Google's HQ

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Susan Hallam MBE

Google Premier Partners Awards 2018

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7 quick tips: Google Ads on a small budget

Googlebomb: Donald Trump is an Idiot

Susan Hallam MBE

Google Bomb: Donald Trump is an Idiot

#NottmDigital Nottingham Digital Summit

Susan Hallam MBE

Nottingham Digital Summit Roundup #NottmDigital

Team Hallam

What Would Famous Historical Figures Google If They Were Alive Today?

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How to find and steal Google featured snippets

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What You Need to Know About Optimising for Mobile in 2018