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Ai and Machine Learning

When it comes to AI and automation, keeping ahead of the curve means staying ahead of the competition. As early adopters we’ve gained deep insights into these new and constantly-evolving technologies. Insights we’re more than happy to share in our blogs.

From predictive analytics to chatbots, see how the integration of AI and machine learning can enhance customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks, optimise campaigns and drive ROI.

Ai and Machine Learning

Share of Model: a key metric for AI-powered search

As we enter the era of generative AI, a new concept, "Share of Model," is gaining momentum.

Ai and Machine Learning

Algorithmically woven words: navigating a labyrinthine tapestry*

Since the advent of AI based on large language models, such as ChatGPT, there’s been a lot written about the…

Digital Strategy

November 2023: digital trends

Consumer confidence has dropped further across all five points in October, despite expectations for a slight improvement. With the cost…


Everything we learned from Google’s “Prepare for Peak” webinar

The peak season holds immense importance for ecommerce businesses, serving as a crucial period to maximise sales and gain a…


#NottmDigital: the Neville Studio round-up

At this year’s Nottingham Digital Summit, there were four core themes present across the talks in the Neville Studio: AI,…

Ai and Machine Learning

The robots are coming, don’t sh*t yourselves.

Generative AI is no silver bullet, and the current hype surrounding its capabilities overlooks the need for human expertise.


#NottmDigital: Main Stage round-up

We had the best time at this year’s Nottingham Digital Summit. It was great to see so many digital marketers…

Ai and Machine Learning

Exploring the potential impact of Apple Vision Pro: predictions for the future of digital marketing

The world of marketing is no stranger to the transformative power of generative AI. And with the introduction of the…

eBooks + Downloadable Content

June 2023: digital marketing report

The constant need to keep up with constantly changing trends while making sure everything is ticking along can be challenging…

Ai and Machine Learning

Is marketing on the brink of its own ‘vinyl revival’?

The line between personalised content and relentless spam is blurring at an alarming pace - and it's about to get…

eBooks + Downloadable Content

May 2023: digital marketing report

May is here which means we’ve got the latest scoop on what’s happening in the world of digital marketing for…

Ai and Machine Learning

Be prompt in adapting to AI: lessons from the ancient history of the 90s

It’s 9:23am. You’ve finished your team stand-up. You’re briefed on your tasks for the day and you’ve already read your…

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