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We put analytics at the heart of the marketing decision-making process. You could even say we’re a web analytics agency. And in these blogs our industry experts share best practices, outline key strategies, highlight emerging trends and provide a whole range of actionable insights. All with the aim to enhance your understanding and application of analytics in digital marketing.


How to calculate lifetime customer value (LCV) from ecommerce transaction data

As an ecommerce business owner, understanding the value that each of your customers brings to your business over their lifetime…


The privacy tipping point is here – and you need to act now.

For years, industry experts (including folks here at Hallam) have been ringing the bells of misery as major changes to…


Getting the most from your LinkedIn company page analytics

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the people who connect and engage with your company on LinkedIn?…

Paid Search (PPC)

Brand awareness: tracking the metric that matters

Brand awareness is an important and often overlooked metric in an industry obsessed with digital attribution.


Competitive analysis: how do you stack up?

It’s important to continually try to improve your products and services because nothing is ever perfect and there is always…

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