Harry Allen

Accessibility and headings: designing for visually impaired users

Thinking creatively

Julio Taylor

How to think creatively using the double diamond framework

website regulations

Susan Hallam MBE

Website legal requirements: laws and regulations in the UK (2018)

new website

Liam Malson

5 tips for planning a new website


Team Hallam

Designing purposeful interactions

Hallam developers at WordCamp Europe 2018

Team Hallam

Happy Campers: Hallam Devs Get Philosophical at WordCamp Europe 2018

#NottmDigital Nottingham Digital Summit

Susan Hallam MBE

Nottingham Digital Summit Roundup #NottmDigital

Julio Taylor Nottingham Digital Summit

Elle Pollicott

Design systems: the visual language of your brand - Julio Taylor - Nottingham Digital Summit

Team Hallam

Great inclusive design process: design with people, not for people - Gavin Holland - Nottingham Digital Summit

Nottingham Digital Summit 21 June 2018

Susan Hallam MBE

Nottingham Digital Summit

images on a computer screen

Harry Allen

How to optimise your web images

design for user experience

Team Hallam

15 proven design patterns for better UX and higher conversions