We know, we get it; these days, you can’t step foot into a new year without a million ‘new year, new trend prediction’ pieces. 

With so many opinions flying around, it can be hard to know what to include in your strategy, especially when it comes to deciding on what’s not only actionable but also critical for success.

So this year, we’ve asked our Hallam experts to sum up their 2024 trend predictions in just 24 words. From strategic insights to the key tactical focus that each area of marketing should be looking to include, our team shares everything you need to know for the new year.

Strategic 2024 trends

“The world will continue to push ahead into an age of accelerated AI-driven change, against a backdrop of polarised politics, instability and economic uncertainty.”

Julio Taylor, CEO

“In 2024, businesses will look to cut spending. B2B brands who can articulate their commercial value will take market share from those that cannot.”

Jake Third, MD

“2024 is set to be a challenging marketing environment; many companies will pursue efficiency gains over raw growth, doubling down on data and measurement.”

Ben Wood, Performance Director

“We will see a broader shift in how B2B marketers create and capture demand through unique, SME-led content and a more balanced attribution model.”

Julie Reid, Strategy Director

“I think there’ll be a big push for finance departments to automate more; skills will be needed to utilise AI and integrate multiple platforms.”

Julie Rodrigues, Head of Finance

“2024 may well be about AI, dynamic content, voice search, gamification etc. But what we do is still about people – and they don’t change.”

Fraser Wanless, Creative Copywriter

“Project management will evolve with agile methods, AI integration, remote collaboration, soft skills emphasis, collaborative tools, and heightened customer experience focus amid economic uncertainties.”

Lee Fletcher, Project Manager

Paid Media and Data trends

“Strategic, thoughtful creative design relevant to – and intended for – your target audience will be imperative to the success of paid media campaigns across 2024.”

Simran Harichand, Paid Media Consultant 

“Offline Conversion Tracking will be a necessity in 2024 and, hopefully, Google Ads are likely to make importing offline data easier with new tools.”

Jonathan Ellins, Lead Technical Strategist 

“Increasingly complex search journeys require omnichannel creative-led strategies, unification of paid and organic efforts, and a contextual approach to measurement throughout the marketing funnel.”

Molly Watters, Paid Media Lead

“As cookie blocking weakens attribution modelling, reconsider your measurement frameworks. Use strategic performance indicators all along the funnel, try new things and measure impact.”

Jonathan Catton, Head of Data & Insights 

Website development and Experience trends

“With looming economic factors in the UK and beyond, CRO and optimisation of user experience will become increasingly critical to make use of traffic.”

Francis Williams, Head of Experience

“2024 will bring an increased focus on performance, accessibility and technical SEO best practice, driven by upcoming accessibility legislation and prioritisation of user needs.”

Tom Elliott, Head of Development

“This year, there will be heightened research, insight and drive towards digital sustainability and inclusivity, highlighting the importance of ethical design in marketing projects.”

Katherine Sherry, UX Designer

Organic content and Creative trends

“SGE is the focus for SEO, Schema for technical. ‘Perspectives’ will be key for content, influencers, reviews and TikTok. A storm is coming there…”

Carmen Dominguez, Head of Organic

“In the AI era of mass-produced creative content and motion design, being truly remarkable and, ultimately, human, will be worth its weight in gold.”

Steve Pannett, Head of Creative 

“Amid rampant disinformation and AI illiteracy on the web, consumer focus on trusted brands is intensifying, underscoring the vital need for bolstering online credibility.”

Tom Bestwick, Digital PR Lead

“In 2024, I expect Google will build on rich results, emphasising videos and generative SERP features. Schema exploration will be one to focus on.”

Soph Tanner, Technical SEO Specialist

“Motion design has become the standard for how you present your brand – it’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’.”

Chris Bliss, Senior Creative Designer 

“Short-form video will continue to dominate in 2024 for both B2C and B2B audiences. Take this as your sign to get the camera out!”

Maddie Hammond, Account Manager

“In 2024, authentic, human-led brands will thrive. User-generated content will be key amidst AI expansion, and an EEAT approach crucial for gaining customer trust.”

Megan McVeigh, Senior Marketing Executive 

Hallam trends

“Our People strategy is focused around elevating empowerment, connectedness and wellbeing across teams; employee motivation and engagement is the key to retention and growth.”

Jacqueline Smith, People and Culture Manager

“Collaboration so good it will be like a Morecambe and Wise kitchen dance with the Hallam team seamlessly juggling our clients’ needs with style.”

Kate Vines, Head of Project Management

“In 2024, project management will integrate AI for advanced analytics, fostering real-time collaboration, enhancing remote team efficiency, and exploring sustainability for eco-conscious project development.”

Ellie Swain, Junior Project Manager

New year, new strategy

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