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Jonathan 'Cat' Catton

Head of Data and Insights

Jonathan is key to the ongoing improvement of data integration and statistical understanding.

Our analysis expert

Cat is our Head of Data & Insights, managing and improvement of Hallam’s client reporting process. He specialises in in-depth performance analysis with a keen focus on underlying long-term trends.

Jonathan has been working with Hallam since he graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters in Physics in 2016. He now has key responsibilities in the managing and improvement of Hallam’s client reporting process.

Finally, Jonathan has also spoken about his work in several places, ranging from educational talks at the UoN, to instructional talks on data analysis to local entrepreneurs. In addition, he also appeared on SEMrush’s Marketing Scoop podcast talking about the techniques Hallam employs to help mid-sized retailers compete against the giant multi-nationals. An expert in his field, you can read Jonathan’s regular contributions to external publications such as Smart Insights.

Latest posts by Jonathan


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