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Chris Bliss

Senior Creative Designer

Chris is a multidisciplinary designer focusing on UI, UX and brand.

Our ‘making things look good’ expert

Chris is a Senior Creative Designer at Hallam with over 12 years of creative industry experience. Chris has a multi-disciplinary design background, focusing on User experience, User interface and brand design.

Chris’ strengths as a designer come from a blend of creative thinking and problem solving. Fuelled by the pursuit of authenticity, he is passionate about human-focused design that makes the big things seem less and the small things spectacular (and, we have to add, making stuff look really cool).

Outside of work, Chris can usually be found painting, running or taking photos, mostly of his wife and cat, much to their mutual annoyance.

Latest posts by Chris


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“Let’s go with the risky creative” is not a phrase you tend to hear a brand’s marketing manager use very…

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