coins and a note saying 'make a change' in a person's hands

Megan McVeigh

The future of digital marketing in the charity sector

people sitting in a room watching a presentation

Megan McVeigh

February Breakfast Briefing: how organic media drives value beyond your paid campaigns

Hallam X Electrical Direct and Ironmongery Direct

Megan McVeigh

Meet our new clients: Ironmongery Direct and Electrical Direct

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Julio Taylor

The business school of the future

Nottingham Digital Summit 2023

Megan McVeigh

The first wave of Nottingham Digital Summit speakers is official!

person holding a newspaper on a bench

Tom Bestwick

Newsjacking: a free template and practical guide

blurred TV (presumably with adverts on the screen) and person holding a remote

Alun Davies

The best Super Bowl 2023 adverts

ChatGPT vs Google Bard

Charlotte Tomlinson

Google Bard vs. ChatGPT: our initial thoughts on the future of AI in search

people arranging colour-coded post-it-notes on a large sheet of paper

Julie Reid

Trendspotting: February 2023

laptop on a desk with a picture of avocado in a bowl

Jacqueline Martin

Organic round-up: February 2023

laptop screen that says: Join us online

Sara Galbiati

How to build, boost and manage your online presence

tiktok logo on a phone screen

Alice Preece

How you can use TikTok to elevate your digital PR strategy