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June’s report covers the rollout of Google’s AI Overviews and the interesting answers users have experienced so far, the rise of AR and its integration into campaigns, and how perfecting your promise to customers can drive a competitive advantage. 

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AI Overviews have landed – what next?

Last month, Google unveiled AI Overviews; a new feature that includes AI generated summaries at the top of its search engine results followed by source articles cited for users to click on.

SEO Manager, Paula Gonzalez, details what marketers need to be aware of with this new feature – both its benefits and its risks. 

The continuing rise of Augmented Reality and the fight for audience attention

Brands often hesitate to invest in AR due to high costs, lack of expertise, and application knowledge. However, as the AR industry grows, these barriers are looking to be diminished.

With digital ad engagement rates very low and audience attention spans shrinking, brands need innovative methods like AR to capture audience attention effectively, says Head of Strategy Jack Morgan. 

How making a promise to customers drives competitive advantage

Over the last two decades, companies have positioned themselves around lofty-but-generic brand purpose and product-first mindsets that aren’t resonating with customers. 

With today’s inflationary environment putting pressure on brands to deliver financial impact, we need to find a different way. Hallam’s Head of Brand, Julie Reid, discusses how making a credible promise to customers can help drive commercial outcomes.

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