As we head into May, Hallam’s Strategy team presents a round-up of the latest marketing news, industry insights and current trends aimed at propelling your marketing forward. 

Within this month’s report, we explore the significance of zero-party data, underscore the importance of brands utilising social media for customer service, and explore the three foundational pillars of digital marketing excellence.

Google delays phase out of third-party cookies for third time

Following ongoing speculation over whether Google’s third-party cookie deprecation would go ahead in the final quarter of 2024, Google has delayed its set date yet again. Performance Director, Ben Wood, explains how businesses can use this time to get ahead and make this delay work for them. 

Adapting zero-party data into the mainstream 

First-party data has long been regarded as the gold standard for informing audience insight and targeting accuracy. Zero-party data doesn’t change that; it simply provides marketers with another lens through which to craft communications for their customers.

Jack Morgan, Head of Strategy, delves into zero-party data’s importance and how brands can go about collecting it. 

Social media’s role in modern customer service

Social customer care is an incredible opportunity to build competitive advantage, with many companies using social platforms to augment their call-based customer support activities. Despite this, only 20% of brands currently have comprehensive social customer strategies and well-defined processes. Hallam’s Senior Strategist, Sara Galbiati, explains its importance. 

Three fundamentals of digital marketing excellence

Gartner Genius Brands, the world’s top brands based on their digital marketing performance, consistently outperform their peers and achieve better growth. They turn challenges around non-linear customer journeys, shifting market dynamics and emerging technology into opportunities. So, what are they doing to get it so right? Head of Brand Julie Reid explains. 

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