As the People and Culture Manager at Hallam, I’m thrilled to share a little bit about how we’ve transformed our workplace into one where wellbeing and mental health is at the forefront. It’s been a long journey and has required a whole lot of love and dedication, so I was overjoyed when our efforts were applauded at the UK Company Culture Awards 2024, winning both the Best Working Environment (Hybrid) and Best Agency to Work For (Large).

Here at Hallam, we’re big believers in the power of people. We understand that the modern workplace is ever-changing, and that the secret to a successful company is a happy, healthy, and supported team. So, we’ve adapted our business practices and culture to make sure our team’s wellbeing is more than just a box to tick; it’s the heart and soul of our ethos. We genuinely care about each other and that’s why we’ve put together a bundle of perks and benefits designed with love and care.

Work from anywhere

We’ve introduced a hybrid working model that caters to our employees’ unique needs. Our team members have the freedom to work in a way that complements their personal lives. Whether they prefer to work from home to juggle personal responsibilities, or in one of our buzzing office spaces (Nottingham, Malaga, London, Kent, and Leeds) for teamwork and social interaction, we’ve got it all covered. Winning the Best Working Environment (Hybrid) award was the cherry on top, but the real win has been the boost in productivity and job satisfaction amongst our team.

A flexible approach to holidays

One of the most appreciated perks is our generous holiday allowance. We understand that work-life balance is key to a happy life, so we’ve got a bunch of time-off options available to the team. Not only does this offer greater flexibility for our team, but it reflects the diversity within our workspace. 

This includes long weekends every quarter so you can take a breather and recharge, flexible bank holidays so you can choose when to take a day off to suit your plans, and an early finish on Fridays to kick-start your weekend. After two years at the company, you also get your birthday off. If you stick around with us for 5 years, we’ve got sabbaticals to show appreciation and encourage those special life experiences.

Thriving both in & out of work 

Every month, we encourage our employees to invest in their health and wellbeing with an allowance of £25. Whether they’re a gym bunny, a meditation guru, or a budding artist, this allowance is for them to do something that makes them feel good and keeps stress at bay.

We also have our Thrive Program in place. This isn’t just about helping individuals grow personally and professionally, but also about giving back to the community. There’s a choice for people to volunteer, drive innovation, get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and continuously learn and develop themselves. The Thrive Program fosters a culture of growth and giving, helping our colleagues to learn new skills, contribute to society, and explore new possibilities.

Putting mental health first  

We’ve shone a spotlight on mental health specifically, too. In a world where such challenges are all too common, we want Hallam to be a safe space where mental health conversations are not just welcomed, but wholeheartedly encouraged. We’re proud to have fostered a judgement-free culture and implemented initiatives that offer resources and support for mental health. Our managers are trained to be mindful of mental health concerns and provide support where needed. We believe this helps everyone at Hallam feel seen, heard, and valued. We understand that everyone might need a bit of extra support now and then, so we’ve also got access and financial support for therapy and counselling services, too. We want to make sure our people have everything they need to navigate life’s ups and downs and keep their mental health in check.

That’s a sneak peek into how we’re committed to creating a work environment that really puts mental health and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. As we continue to evolve and grow, our focus remains on creating a culture where our people’s wellbeing is the top priority. At Hallam, we’re crafting a workplace that genuinely cares for its people and couldn’t be prouder to be trailblazers for this.

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