In today’s digital landscape, protecting your brand from scammers is more crucial than ever. At Hallam, we began receiving an alarming number of reports from individuals falling victim to a sophisticated scam that exploited our brand. This article outlines the proactive steps we took to combat these scammers and safeguard our clients, ensuring the integrity and trust associated with our name.

Identifying the threat

The first indication of trouble came from our customers. Reports began to pour in about fraudulent activities linked to our brand. The scammers were sophisticated, using domain names strikingly similar to ours, such as “” These subtle modifications to our legitimate domain were enough to deceive unsuspecting users.

Developing a defensive tool

Understanding the need for a robust defence mechanism, our team quickly developed a specialised tool. This tool scans all newly registered domains on a global scale daily, searching for any that resemble our brand name. The aim was to identify and intercept fraudulent domains before they could be used to perpetuate scams.

Taking action

Once our tool flagged suspicious domains, we immediately contacted the abuse teams at the respective domain registrars. By providing evidence of the fraudulent intent behind these domains, we were able to convince registrars to act swiftly. In most cases, they shut down the offending domains almost immediately after receiving our reports.

Reducing risk and protecting our customers

Our ability to act quickly significantly reduced the window of opportunity for scammers. By shutting down fraudulent domains as soon as they were detected, we minimised the risk of our brand being used to deceive and exploit victims. This rapid response not only protected our customers but also maintained the trust and integrity associated with our brand.

A sustainable solution

Our continuous efforts to monitor and report fraudulent domains paid off. Over time, it became commercially unviable for scammers to continue targeting our brand. The increased difficulty and reduced success rate forced them to abandon their efforts, providing a safer online environment for our customers.


Scammers are constantly evolving, and businesses must remain vigilant to protect their brands. By developing a tool to monitor new domain registrations and swiftly reporting fraudulent activity, we were able to significantly reduce the threat posed by scammers. Our experience underscores the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding your brand and maintaining customer trust in an increasingly digital world.

Stay alert, invest in the right tools, and always be ready to act to protect your brand from potential threats.

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