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Setting up a multilingual support site covering 5 territories to underpin Commify’s global expansion.

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The client 

Commify is the team behind a global portfolio of mobile messaging brands, headquartered in the UK with offices across Europe, in APAC and the United States. 

Working with over 46,000 businesses worldwide, they help brands to transform their mobile communications with both their customers and staff, sending almost 5 billion messages a year across their portfolio of brands.

The challenge 

Commify approached us to create a multilingual support site to cover five countries: the UK, Australia, France, Spain and Germany.  With multiple regions and languages, the new site needed to amalgamate 11 existing support sites into one, ensuring that the user experience was consistent across all territories.

Commify’s main objective was to bring everything into one place, so users had the same consistent journey, regardless of which product they were using. There was also an opportunity to increase sales by showing customers what else was available if they were to upgrade from their current level of service. Having a single platform would give all of these benefits whilst Commify’s team only had one platform to maintain in the background. 

With a global portfolio of business messaging brands – and with Commify’s business strategy actively looking at more acquisition targets – the new site also needed to be capable of scaling up to accommodate future growth. 

What we did 

The approach was a multi-departmental one, working alongside the Experience Team, copywriters, web development team and international translators, which started by moving away from a more traditional B2B presentation, and towards something brighter and more human in feel.

The old product support site was created using an old knowledge base plugin and WPML, neither of which were compatible with each other. The Web Development team cloned the old site, built a brand new theme around much of the existing content to save manual re-entry of content and utilised WordPress’s existing content types and taxonomies without the need for a complex knowledge base. We also used the PolyLang tool to translate several pages of content in different languages.

The Experience team then began conducting a UX audit and recommending improvements to the Esendex help page. Improvements to the search box UI and search results page were made to ensure the site was easily navigable for users. For example, landing page card styles were updated to help users clearly navigate to key areas and popular help topics were featured on the landing page to quickly help users find what they’re looking for.Esendex support pageIn addition to this, we made changes to improve the accessibility of the site. Button styling was updated to increase levels of accessibility to reach the AA standards for site accessibility, while heading hierarchy and type sizing was updated across the site for improved legibility.

The results 

Through collaboration across our teams and with the client, we created a multilingual support site covering five territories with the functionality to scale up in time with Commify’s product launch calendar. 

Consolidating everything into one platform has removed a fractured experience whilst future-proofing the site, which now has all the latest versions of WordPress and website plugins, as well as updated server level technology and the latest PHP. 

Site speed increased to over 90% mobile scores and 99% desktop scores.

site speed scores

“Hallam has been the perfect partner for this project. We now have a consolidated platform with all the features that everyone knows and loves which has streamlined the site experience into a consistent customer journey and also allowed for upselling of additional products. Together, we’ve achieved exactly what we set out to do – not just to build a multilingual support site, but one that also has the potential for sustainable growth to underpin our global expansion.”

Kelly Vuta, Senior Project Manager at Commify.

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