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Curvy Kate

Increasing organic revenue and visibility for a leading lingerie provider

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The client

Curvy Kate is a leading, fuller bust lingerie brand. The brand was born in 2001 after spotting a gap in the market for D-K cup lingerie that was supportive, stylish and uplifting.

As of 2024, Brastop Ltd is a fuller bust lingerie outlet to 38 popular brands at affordable prices all year round. Their mission statement remains simple: to make sure each and every customer looks and feels great in their purchase.

The challenge

We began our partnership with Curvy Kate to address a decline in the brand’s organic visibility. Curvy Kate had lost significant ranking for bra size-related keywords: a crucial driver of conversions. This translated to declining organic traffic and revenue, particularly in the UK and US markets.

The client tasked us with the following objectives:

  • Regain organic traffic and visibility: increase organic traffic by a minimum of 20% YoY
  • Drive revenue growth: achieve a 20% uplift in organic conversions across the UK and US markets

What we did

After some analysis, we identified three key factors impacting Curvy Kate’s struggle to rank well organically. The brand’s website lacked strong E-E-A-T signals, evidenced by the absence of content showcasing expertise (including articles by lingerie professionals) or user trust, such as testimonials. This challenge was exacerbated by technical roadblocks,  impacting website speed and search engine crawlability. Further complicating matters, the fuller bust lingerie market had become increasingly saturated, making it more difficult for Curvy Kate to stand out amongst its competition. 

Our approach to addressing these issues was multi-faceted. Recognising the need for high-quality content, we implemented BrowseAI, a content creation platform, to develop and publish targeted content addressing user needs and relevant keywords. This established Curvy Kate as a thought leader within the fuller bust lingerie niche.

In addition to this, a comprehensive technical SEO audit identified and rectified website speed, mobile-friendliness, and user experience issues, ensuring search engines could effectively crawl and index the site.

To bridge the organic-paid search gap, we implemented integrated reporting, allowing us to strategically leverage paid search to complement organic performance and maximise ROI.

Finally, a data-driven CRO program focused on optimising product pages and checkout flows, maximising the value of each website visitor by increasing conversion rates. This holistic approach transformed Curvy Kate’s SEO presence, establishing them as a leader within the competitive fuller bust lingerie market.


Within a short timeframe, our collaborative efforts yielded significant improvements for Curvy Kate:

  • US market expansion: US non-brand clicks witnessed a remarkable growth of 56%, indicating a successful expansion into the American market
  • Traffic surge: Organic traffic increased by a staggering 169% YoY, exceeding the initial target of a 20% increase
  • Conversion growth: Conversions rose by a substantial 36%, surpassing the initial target of a 20% uplift

“Working with Hallam has been great since day one. Their open communication, tailored ecommerce and content strategy, and genuine interest in understanding our customers set them apart. In our short time working together, we’ve already seen some outstanding results and have started to deliver some exciting growth numbers. I mean every word!”

Amanda Clifford, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Brastop

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