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Manage at Home

Taking extra care to quadruple advertising revenue
Manage at home

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The client

Manage At Home is the ecommerce retail brand of Medequip Assistive Technology Ltd – the UK’s largest provider of outsourced Community Equipment Services to the NHS and local authorities. Their website provides an extensive range of products to aid independent daily living at home.


  • Increase ecommerce and phone call revenue through the site
  • Increase traffic to the site
  • Support the Manage At Home sales, turnover and profitability targets by providing a clear source for self-funding (equipment, resources etc) via online revenue
  • Grow the Manage At Home brand profitably and sustainably

The challenge

Manage At Home weren’t sure where their sales were coming from. They knew they were getting orders from telephone, printed leaflets, newspaper advertising as well as digital channels including referral traffic, organic traffic and indeed misattribution not accurately attributing phone orders to the PPC campaigns.

Manage At Home predominantly serves a technophobic market and wanted to devise a digital strategy that would successfully engage their audience. They have a wide variety of products, making them susceptible to large amounts of competition, and therefore required a comprehensive solution to secure their ambitious digital growth targets.

Manage at Home body

How we achieved the goals

We began by improving the user experience of the website and provided solutions which would address their core audience’s pain points. One such solution was improving the prominence of the company’s freephone payment option. Meanwhile, our SEO team implemented technical changes and revised the websites content to bolster organic rankings for key terms. These efforts secured a substantial base-level increase in new visitors, converting at a higher rate.

While growth was a result of paid campaigns, growth is never due to just one channel alone, so we were also doing work on UX and SEO.

How we tracked success

Having laid the foundations, our Paid Media team consulted with key client stakeholders to identify and accurately measure all “routes to purchase” via Manage At Home’s website. This exercise led to the implementation of call tracking software, that allowed us to associate revenues from over-the-phone orders with website sessions. Our team was then able to structure shopping ad campaigns, based on bottom-line product-performance. The combination of product performance data and Google’s smart bidding led to consistent, sustainable, profitable growth.

“Having worked closely with Hallam for a number of years, I can say that they have provided an essential service, helping to increase our ROI year-on-year. From providing helpful insight and technical expertise to analysing on-page SEO and revising content. Hallam have always been on hand to provide trusted advice for the continued development of Manage At Home.”

Christopher Woolley – Developer, Manage At Home

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