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More Kitchens

How an integrated organic campaign delivered a 51% increase in conversions
More Kitchens

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The client 

More Kitchens is a leading kitchen design and fitting service based in Yorkshire. With clients nationwide, it’s an extension of Passmore Group.

Passmore Group and its associated brands have been a client at Hallam’s for a number of years, with our agency supporting the Organic and Paid growth of all three of the company’s websites, including More Bathrooms and More Ability.

The challenge 

More Kitchens is one of the newest arms of Passmore Group and Hallam’s challenge was to enhance its visibility online through a blend of Organic and Paid marketing activity, ensuring the More Kitchens brand became one of Yorkshire’s most competitive.

Alongside this, the business needed to be in a position to navigate the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented More Kitchens from opening their showrooms for long periods of 2020 and 2021. 

Home improvement is a highly visual and competitive industry, so creating content that would enable More Kitchens to rank higher than its main competitors and enable it to be identified as a leading kitchen brand locally was integral to the strategy.

The brand’s key demographic is affluent consumers aged 40+ who are looking for a kitchen redesign and fitting. 

What we did 

Passmore Group built and launched the More Kitchens website in-house, following a company acquisition in October 2019. Hallam played an integral role in providing guidance about the sitemap, the pages that were required and the keyword strategy that would enable Organic growth.

Following the launch of the new More Kitchens website, Hallam built and delivered a long-term SEO strategy that educated the business on what informative and engaging blog posts and topics would need to be created to capture traffic and grow the website’s visibility, without reliance on performance-based marketing tactics.

Once these blogs had been written by the business’ in-house experts (provided from our briefs), Hallam optimised the articles to target key search terms, creating a bank of over 30 articles that began to naturally drive traffic.

Higher intent versions of the target key search terms were then targeted through paid media advertising, acting as a second touchpoint for potential customers to come back to the website, browse the More Kitchen offerings and book a design appointment – something which can be seen by the increase in conversions.

Secondly, we created a strategy that would ensure these expert comments were being utilised beyond a blog page. And due to the nature that they were written in, Hallam was able to also create a reactive PR strategy, actioning numerous top-tier requests at pace with content that was already written by an industry expert. This approach ensured we were responding to requests much quicker than the company’s competitors, driving high-quality external links from relevant national titles. 

The results 

The results of our unified organic campaign saw a 302% increase in conversions (compared to 2020).

Our primary goal was to create informative content that would engage an audience enough to click through to the More Kitchens website, with four aims:

  • Raise awareness of the brand and its services 
  • Convert new customers 
  • Get More Kitchens ranking #1 in the SERPs for key search terms and queries
  • Claim market share away from their many competitors

Since work began on this account, 34 blogs have been created, resulting in the following:

  1. Targeting 810 relevant keywords, with More Kitchens ranking on page #1 for 23 terms and #2 for 73 keywords 
  2. A 165% increase in overall website traffic, compared to 2020
  3. Eight of those created blog pages rank in the website’s top 10 landing pages for driving Organic traffic
  4. Content pages responsible for 8,392 (7,672 unique) page views in 2022
  5. 25,947 page views came from targeting the search term ‘kitchen inspiration’ – this was responsible for 14.68% of the total website’s page views in 2022 (176,695)
  6. 31 brand mentions and 14 links in publications like The Telegraph, The Daily Express, and Homes & Garden with an average domain rating of 61
  7. 145% increase in clicks compared to 2020 from keywords that are targeted through Paid amplification that the blogs are optimised for
  8. A 51% increase in conversions compared to 2020 from keywords that are targeted through paid that the blogs are optimised for.

Our relationship with Hallam has evolved over the years and grown in line with business success. Time after time Hallam – in particular our team of dedicated account managers across Paid, SEO and most recently PR – have continuously proven their ability to deliver against ambitious growth targets in an adaptable, flexible and innovative manner. We continue to invest in Hallam and their offered services as they continue to invest in us as a client. Long story short, we hold Hallam wholly accountable for our success in all our digital endeavours and trust their industry knowledge and expertise implicitly.

Rebecca Silvers – Head of Marketing, Passmore Group

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