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Increasing RNIB's number of conversions by 64% through strategic Paid Media support
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The client 

RNIB, the Royal National Institute of Blind People, is a UK-based charity organisation that focuses on supporting blind and partially sighted individuals to lead independent lives. 

More than two million people are estimated to be living with sight loss in the UK. It is predicted that by 2050 the number of people with sight loss in the UK will double to over four million.

RNIB’s vision is for a world where blind and partially sighted people participate equally in society; to do this, the charity is striving to break down barriers for people with sight loss, as well as providing direct emotional, practical support and information to anyone who needs it.

The challenge

When RNIB first approached Hallam, they were looking for strategic support with their Paid Media advertising activity to bolster existing efforts, set up the foundations for growth and help them deliver above and beyond previous revenue figures to raise awareness of the brand and of sight loss.  

Their team felt that current activity was not running efficiently enough to deliver growth and needed to be audited and improved.

What we did 

First, gaining a deep understanding of the client’s business was crucial; it allowed for an account structure that mirrored the client’s complex and diverse business solutions. Second, open and proactive communication with the client was key in gaining trust and fostered an environment where changes could be made with confidence, always keeping the client informed and aligned.

When we began auditing the existing Paid Media work, it became clear that there was a lot of scope to improve efficiency with the existing Google Ads and Google AdGrants accounts. We leaned into automation, building campaigns in a way that would maximise the efficiency of smart bidding and allow us to move the account away from manual/data light approaches to performance management.

We restructured the account to follow best-in-class practices and allow for fluid management of budget to deliver towards their targets and to also cut back on wasted spend and inefficiencies in existing keyword targeting. Following the Hagakure methodology for account structuring, we focused heavily on ensuring that the account had the right data and was moving in the right direction.

Starting with a meticulous keyword overhaul, we systematically removed non-serving, irrelevant, and duplicated keywords and ad groups, streamlining the campaigns to focus on efficiency and effectiveness. This step was crucial in reducing wasted budget. The next hurdle was the conversion tracking: ensuring all conversions were accurately tracked and reported in GA4 laid the foundation for data-driven decisions.

After that, we’ve moved to campaign and account restructuring, removing duplicate campaigns and adopting smart bidding strategies not only streamlined the overall account, but also ensured that our ad spend was coherent with fluctuating search volumes. 

The refinement process extended to ad copy and assets, too; we implemented a ‘test & learn’ approach to audience, messaging and creative testing, ensuring that ad copy, landing pages, audience data and more were all constantly being monitored, analysed and adjusted to improve performance towards the client’s objectives. A detailed assets audit also ensured that every ad, sitelink and callout was updated and relevant.

We also made sure to maintain a consistent user journey in the search experience, by establishing consistency starting from the ad all the way to the landing page and call to action.

Audience data was constantly being monitored, analysed and adjusted to improve performance towards the client’s objectives. 

The results 

Over a six month period compared against the previous six months, the conversion rate increased by 42% and the total number of conversions increased by 64%. 

This was accompanied by a 27% reduction in the cost per conversion – a clear indicator of increased efficiency in the account.

Regarding any charity or non-profit organisation, it’s crucial to raise awareness and foster customer engagement. I’m pleased with the outcomes we’ve attained by collaborating with Hallam. Through a strategic approach, the enhancement in our campaigns has enabled us to connect with a broader audience, facilitating growth and elevating the visibility of RNIB’s services.

Quarina Sultana, Head of Digital Engagement at RNIB

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