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“It might sound dramatic, but the team at Hallam through their web development expertise have changed our lives – literally! Prior to working with them, our processes were very manual and therefore very time consuming. This meant we couldn’t market our growing business properly for fear of failing at the increased demand.
Hallam took the time to learn and care about our business and most importantly what we wanted to achieve from a new, improved website.”

Susan Wheatcroft –  Founder, Virtual Runner

The client

Virtual Runner is a company that enables their customers to participate in competitive running without having to run at a specific location or time. Their virtual races are particularly useful for busy mothers with young children who can’t attend scheduled races. Customers run in their own time, submit their proof of time and distance, and then get a medal for their run as well as an appearance in a league table.

The challenge

Providing an exceptional customer experience for Virtual Runner customers was highly labour intensive and acting as a block to business growth. Validating proof of race results, notifying runners of submission deadlines and other key reminders, handling payments were all taking many hours of manual activity. In order to scale the business, Virtual Runner needed a solution, and they needed it fast.

Our approach


The challenge presented to Hallam was to help the business owners to grow their business, and also help them to get their lives back! Our solution was to identify the key highly manual processes that could be automated. We identified processes for simplifying race reminders. We designed and built a deceptively simple but highly effective way for users to submit their proof for each race.

And most importantly, we focused on producing a simple user experience that allowed users to buy races quickly. By harnessing the power of loyal Virtual Runner users, and leveraging the power of Facebook we undertook beta testing that ensured the new site we pushed live was the best it could possibly be.

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