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Hallam Internet’s digital PR team has decades of experience helping businesses increase their visibility online.

We know what journalists are looking for, what is big in the news and how we can use that to your advantage.

Our relationships with journalists and bloggers are second to none

The digital PR team has contacts with journalists across a vast range of local, regional and national titles, as well as trade titles in niche sectors.

These contacts, along with professional database tools that can be used to curate lists of journalists and writers, can be used to make sure your business is seen in the all the right places.

We have many tools depending on the task

Whether it is by writing and distributing press releases, creating thought leadership pieces or finding opportunities for our clients to comment on Hallam can help your business become better known to your customers and clients.

Increasing your visibility in search too

The process also increases your visibility to search engines through the acquisition of backlinks from high quality, relevant sites.

These backlinks pass along some of the power that these pages have, knows an domain authority, which helps search engines see you as a trusted source of information and increases your standing. This in turn can help boost your search engine rankings, especially when coupled with a targeted SEO campaign.

That’s why at Hallam our digital PR team works closely with its content marketing experts to make sure your SEO, digital marketing and digital PR strategies all work together towards the same goal and deliver on your KPIs.