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An opportunity to learn the fundamentals of SEO from the experts at Hallam, on a course fully accredited by the prestigious University of Nottingham.


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Get ahead with expert SEO training accredited by a leading UK university.

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Created by the industry experts at Hallam and proudly accredited by the University of Nottingham, this course represents a new era in digital learning.

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Choose between a ‘standard’ track or an ‘intensive’ track for both courses. There’s no difference in the content or outcomes, so however you prefer to learn, these courses are designed to fit around your life, so you can learn at your own pace.


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Say hello to a new era
in digital learning.

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Fully accredited

Learn with Hallam’s industry-leading experts, and get a recognised certificate from a leading university.

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100% online

A flexible online course that you can fit around full-time work, wherever you are, and at your own pace.

Hallam seo course real world skills

Real-world skills

Apply your learning immediately with skills that are directly relevant and beneficial to marketing roles.

“Professional learners are looking for courses that deliver practical skills that they can put into practice in the workplace. By partnering with Hallam, one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies, we have been able to develop a unique SEO course that combines academic rigour and practical application.”

Dr Nick Mount, Academic Director for University of Nottingham Online

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What’s included?

From fundamentals to advanced strategies, Hallam’s SEO Masterclass will give you the tools you need to become the best SEO you can be.



The principles of SEO

A comprehensive exploration of the pillars of SEO and how it’s vital for modern business.

Learn how to use insights to get ahead

Learn how to draw insights from data and develop tactics that deliver lasting results.

Creating Strategies

Learn how to solve problems, and create compelling and impactful SEO strategies.

Expert communication

Learn how to collaborate with key stakeholders, understand their needs and communicate with confidence and clarity.

Master SEO fundamentals – and redefine your career.

Step into the future of digital marketing with Hallam’s SEO Masterclass series, an unparalleled, industry-leading course series that’s received proud accreditation from the esteemed University of Nottingham.

We’ve meticulously designed this course to catapult your professional growth and push the boundaries of what you thought possible in your career.

Harness the power of our carefully curated on-demand modules. Hand-crafted by the veteran digital marketing mavens at Hallam, these modules offer high-impact, practical learning experiences.


Learn at a pace that works for you

Offering two tracks for both Mastering SEO: Fundamentals and Mastering SEO: Tactics and Insights, learners can choose between a ‘standard’ track, with a course that takes place over 11 weeks, and an ‘intensive’ track, where learning takes place over the course of 4 days.

There’s no difference in the content, activities, outcomes or materials between both tracks – it’s simply the delivery that’s different, so that learners can fit around the course around their lives, wherever they are and at their own pace.


More than theory

More than mere theory, our course content delivers real-world insights and tools you can start applying immediately, supercharging your SEO skills and fuelling your career growth.

But we’re not just about learning—we’re about people. Our course is meticulously tailor-made for in-house marketers and digital career builders from all walks of life and every level of education.

We celebrate diversity in expertise and experience, and we’re thrilled to guide our students as they cultivate their unique paths in the digital marketing realm.


Inspiration and confidence

You’ll complete this course series not only with an expanded skill set but also a renewed sense of inspiration, newfound confidence, and a profound proficiency in SEO tactics and strategies. You’ll leave not just as a student, but as a master of your craft.

And we don’t stop there. As an SEO Masterclass student, you’ll enjoy unrestricted, round-the-clock access to all of our comprehensive course materials. From illuminating video content and enlightening readings to a wealth of invaluable resources—we’ve got you covered.

Learn practical SEO skills