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Marketing in a recession webinar series: part one

Date: 05/04/2023

Time: 10:30am - 11am

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Should you continue investing in your advertising?

Marketing in a recession, Webinar series: Part 1

We’ve all heard the advice to keep investing in advertising during tough economic times. Brands that advertise while competitors draw back can maintain mental availability and potentially gain market share. This positions them to recover stronger and faster when the marketplace takes a positive turn. But if you’re in an industry where demand may dry up for some time, it may be better to hit pause and bide your time to ensure you’re still in business on the other side.

For marketers still willing to invest, our Strategy Director, Julie Reid, is sitting down with Head of Paid Media, Jack Brown, and Paid Media Team Lead, Alex Jackson, to find out:

❓What are the big questions / factors marketers should consider when planning their media activity for the next 6 to 9 to 12 months?

💨 Are there essential activities every company should be doing to maintain momentum right now? What about activity to help companies pull ahead of their competitors?

💰 Where can B2B brands get the most out of their budgets? What about B2C?

🧪 How should we think about experimentation and test-and-learn activity in tough economic times?

📏 Finally, we know proper measurement and attribution is essential when proving the return on marketing investment. What do marketers need to do to ensure they have this in place? What should they be tracking?

About our speakers

Julie is Strategy Director at Hallam. She has ten years of marketing experience in both agency and client-side roles, with a focus on content marketing, creative projects, customer experience and a passion for sustainability and social justice.

Jack is Hallam’s Head of Paid Media – Leading our award winning team on all things Paid Advertising. With a background in Computer Science, Jack’s got a deep focus on all things data.

Alex is a Paid Media Team Lead at Hallam. He works across all aspects of paid social, including account management, media planning strategy, branding and re-branding campaigns, and of course, direct response eCommerce.



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