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Being transparent: our Diversity & Inclusion Report 2021

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Anna Murphy

Head of Marketing

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When it comes to diversity and inclusion, there’s no point in simply saying that change needs to happen – we have to be proactive in creating change, too.
As part of our ongoing commitment to becoming a better place to work, we’re releasing a variety of transparency reports, regarding our clients and the people we employ.
This week sees the release of our diversity and inclusion report, with details of current data and future objectives.
Kiorhte Aghoghogbe, Senior Account Manager and our Diversity & Inclusion Lead, explains: “I’m really excited to see the release of Hallam’s transparency report for diversity and inclusion as this is one further sign of our commitment to ensuring a more diverse and inclusive workforce within the agency.
“Being open and honest about where we currently track towards our diversity, equity and inclusion goals is an important part of the process. We recognise we are far away from where we want to be and have so much more work to do but we want to be held accountable for our actions – the transparency report provides a starting point and sets clear expectations of where we want to be.”
Download the report here

The diversity, equity and inclusion benchmark

Alongside our internal report, Hallam and The Agency Collective are undertaking research within the marketing industry to understand the level of diversity within agencies and what the benchmark should be for agencies both now and in the future, with the survey results being released later this year.
Kiorhte says: “The agency world has a long-standing problem regarding a lack of diversity and inclusivity. There’s a lot of talent and potential we are missing out on because of the glass door and barriers of entry to people from minority backgrounds, disability and LGBTQIA+ communities. I see lots of creativity, great ideas and innovation from these groups on social media and the world around me – but rarely in the offices and meetings that I attend.
“From my own experience, I’ve worked for many companies where I’ve been the only black person and endured a culture that isn’t progressive and diverse: I do not want others to have that same experience. The industry can only gain – and get better – with more diversity and inclusion. Change can only happen if we address the problems, offer a welcoming space to have this debate and provide ideas and solutions to help overcome the lack of diversity and inclusion. Change will not come overnight but this is one step in an ongoing effort to make the industry a better place for those who strive to be in it.”
The Agency Collective is a consultancy firm that works with lots of different agencies and provides consultative services, sharing knowledge, insights, events and conferences with all of their clients.
We’ve partnered with them to host a national survey on a broader scale which has been targeted to all of their members within the industry – potentially thousands of agencies. The results of this survey aren’t for any personal gain or our own content marketing purposes. The results are going to be used to create a benchmarking report, so we can start those conversations and be at the forefront of educating other agencies, too.
A better industry is possible. Be part of it.

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