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Digital PR

Tell the stories that matter to build your brand, secure high-quality links, grow your organic rankings and drive traffic to your website.

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Putting your brand at the heart of the story

We believe everyone has a story to tell. The hardest part can be telling it. Our award-winning range of Digital PR services will help your brand tell the narratives that get you noticed and drive tangible organic results.

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Digital PR

Holistic brand awareness campaigns built to make noise

With their newsroom mentality, our team knows an opportunity when it see one. From idea conception right through to creation and amplification, our PR campaigns are backed by thorough research, data that makes a difference, creativity that catches the eye, and a quality narrative that knits it all together to achieve multiple backlinks from relevant leading titles.

Get your voices heard and your brand seen

You’re an industry expert. Now it’s time to show it. Our foundational PR strategies are built to put your brand and people at the centre of the story. How? Firstly, with thought leadership that establishes your sector. secondly, with a stream of trade and local press releases that tell the story of your business. All with the aim of securing links and brand mentions on the websites that your next customer is engaging with.

Be at the forefront of breaking opportunities

News breaks. Trends change. Questions get asked. And with the tools at our team’s fingertips, reactive PR and newsjacking put your brand, products and services at the centre of new stories as they emerge to land results fast.

Strategic digital PR that drives results

We don’t work in silos. We believe a quality narrative deserves more than that. And our team brings together all the agency’s other functions – including SEO, Paid Media, Creative and Insights – to tell your story in the right way and with the right goals and audiences in mind.

PR that has a real business impact

Our Digital PR team loves nothing more than creating memorable stories with great hooks and angles. But they’re being done for a reason. It’s to drive great results – whether that’s brand awareness, quality links to improve organic performance, creating a social buzz or assisting ROI. Our strategies are built to align with your brand’s objectives and to make a lasting impact.

Consultants embedded in your team

We’re not your agency. We’re your partner. Your goals are our goals. We’re your Digital PR specialists, a set of creative-thinkers, strategic planners and great storytellers that are an extension of your in-house team, looking to collaborate with you on that next big idea and to support you when needed.

Getting found is just the beginning

For us, a campaign or a great piece of PR doesn’t just end when it leaves our desk. We believe in making your content work as hard as possible, across all of your digital assets, collaborating with our other teams to ensure every piece of content reaches its true potential.

How we work, works

We’re in the business of results. Take a look at our recent work, or get in touch to learn more about how we did it.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Hallam as my digital PR agency?

We think beyond just digital PR. We believe in unified strategies that have a great narrative at their heart, and draw on the expertise of our other award-winning teams to achieve tangible business results and create content and assets that you can be proud of.

What are the benefits of digital PR?

There are multiple benefits to having digital PR as part of your strategy, including:

  • Improving organic ranking in search engines
  • Driving referral traffic to your website
  • Raising brand awareness 
  • Promoting your thought leaders
  • Keeping you front of mind with old and new audiences
  • Creating quality pieces of content that can be further amplified across other digital assets
What’s the difference between traditional and digital PR?

While traditional PR focuses on getting your brand or business in print publications and broadcast, digital PR focuses on securing quality links that improve a website’s domain authority over time and contributes to how high you appear in Google’s search results when your customer base searches for your products or services.

How do you measure the success of digital PR?

Our team uses a range of KPIs, including the quality and volume of backlinks, amount of coverage and brand mentions and increases in website traffic, as well as the usual social metrics like shares and engagement. We regularly adapt our KPIs in line with your specific requirements.

What industries does digital PR work best for?

The beauty of digital PR is that no one is excluded from the party. Digital PR works for all industries and for any ambitious business, B2B or B2C, that wants to rank higher than its competitors in search engines.

Can you help if we have a PR crisis?

Absolutely. When things get tough, our team will be there to guide you through any PR crisis. We’ll deal with any journalist requests, work with you on external statements and messaging, and produce a reputation management action plan that will see your brand through to the other side.

What is the value of a backlink?

In their simplest form, backlinks act as a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another, signalling trust to Google that others can vouch for your content. Backlinks are still considered by many as the most important ranking factor for your site.

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