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Digital PR is an essential marketing service for increasing your brand’s online presence and organic search visibility. The primary focus of Digital PR is to build your website’s authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks from other websites to yours. The number of referring domains and the relative quality of these links is arguably still the most important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. SEO and Digital PR as disciplines support a common goal – greater online visibility for your website.

Great Digital PR positions you as a trusted expert in your industry, and gets your brand in front of your target audience when it matters. We know that sometimes you’ll want to focus more on brand awareness and thought leadership than building links, which is why we also utilise traditional PR methods to secure broadcast and print coverage in the media.

We‘re Digital PR experts, equipped with years of experience in the field. Based in Nottingham and London, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes to increase their brand awareness and rank higher in search engine results for years. 

Through tailored strategies and bespoke campaigns, we’ll increase the visibility of your website, as well as your company and the people you work with. Our strong relationships with journalists allow us to gain key media coverage and acquire natural, high-quality links that help you to dominate both the digital space and beyond. 

Finding the right Digital PR agency is no mean feat – but we’re here to make it easy. With over 50 multi-disciplinary specialists and a strategic, consultative approach, we’ll work with you to build a PR plan that works for you. No hassle, no complicated processes – just solid results. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some examples of our work

Whether you’re just starting out with Digital PR or looking for someone to expand on your existing efforts, we’re here to take your brand further. Get in touch to speak to one of our specialists today.

Industry recognition

Our Digital PR services

As a specialist Digital PR agency, we offer a number of services designed to align with your business goals. Our experienced and accredited professionals can help you with any or all of the following:

Link building campaigns

Links are the bread and butter of Digital PR. Our campaigns will help you to gain regular, high-quality backlinks that increase your organic visibility.

Brand awareness campaigns

Through expert-led content and a bespoke strategy, we’ll gain high-profile coverage that will lead to improved brand recognition with your target customers.

Brand launch campaigns

Whether you’re launching a new business, campaign or product, we’ll help it to gain as much traction as possible and inject that all-important boost of brand awareness.


Acting as your dedicated newsroom, we’ll constantly monitor and react to news stories and current events, submitting expert comments from your spokespeople to gain regular topical coverage.

Blended backgrounds for a combined approach

Unlike other agencies, our PR specialists come from both traditional and digital backgrounds. That means we’re not solely focused on getting backlinks, but also on securing brand coverage in print and broadcast outlets to raise your profile.

Our approach to Digital PR

We tailor our approach to specifically suit your brand and your goals – so whatever it is you need, we’re able to adapt and make it happen.

tailored content

Tailored campaigns

Our campaigns are always created bespoke to support your individual needs – we never use a one-size-fits-all model. If building your authority is the name of the game, we’ll work with you to create a wide-spanning link building campaign to secure those quality backlinks and boost your organic rankings.

Some clients require more brand awareness, for which we’ll devise a campaign that’s eye-catching and inherently memorable to keep you in the mind of your target audience. And sometimes it’s not all about outreach; if you need internal documentation drafting or training materials  as part of your reputation management strategy, we can take the wheel.

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A multi-disciplinary team

As a full-service digital agency, we have all the resources needed to create fantastic campaigns right here in-house. From Creative Design to Technical to Web Development, we have direct access to the deep specialists who bring campaigns from concept to completion. 

A great example of our interdisciplinary way of working is our ideation process. An awesome idea is key to success – and you never know where the best ideas will come from. For every ideation session, we’ll invite experts in SEO, Account Management, Paid Media, Creative – every single one of our specialisms gets involved to flesh ideas as a team. The result? A fully formed campaign plan with a roadmap for success.

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Quality content

Gone are the days when PR was all about press releases. We produce quality content that not only provides genuinely useful information but also entertains the reader. By identifying spokespeople within your business, we can create topical thought-leadership content for your relevant trade publications. We also use data-driven insights to craft content that sparks conversations and drives traffic to your website. 

Our team comprises expert interviewers, and we can work with your relevant stakeholders or clients to produce in-depth case studies about the services you offer. This allows you to showcase how your services have helped your customers to overcome their problems.

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Recognised expertise in the PR industry

Our specialists are well recognised in the industry and frequently share their knowledge and expertise in the community and beyond. They’ve spoken at events such as The Creative Quarter’s Creative Club, and written for the likes of PR Week, Smart Insights, PR Moment and Agility PR.

They are also regular contributors to our very own Hallam TV, giving viewers insider info into PR best practices and top tips. 

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What our clients say about us as a Digital PR agency

Want to know if we deliver on getting results? Just listen to what our clients have to say.

Our ratings over on The Drum Recommends’ database are determined entirely on client feedback, and it’s because of them that we’re one of the highest rated agencies in the country.

Drum review 9.2 recommended rating

Our recent Digital PR work

“Hallam has been an invaluable member of our campaign team. They have delivered above and beyond what we expected, and are an absolute joy to work with.”

Rikke Hennum – Campaign Coordinator, The United Nations Free & Equal Campaign

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“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of results driven by the Cadent Hero campaign. Hallam’s team of Digital PR experts enabled us to bring our brand to life to a targeted demographic of customers within our network.”

Lindsay Shell – Cadent Gas


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“The team at Hallam has the experience and practical expertise we demand, driving us forward and helping us to exceed our already ambitious targets. They understand our business goals, and we trust them as a business partner to keep us moving in the right direction”

Phil Wood – Director, KRCS


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“I’m very happy and I enjoy working with Hallam, they understand what I’m about and how I work. I have the feeling of being valued with great communication.”

Andy Allen – Business Owner, CAT Autokeys

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  • Why should I choose Hallam as my Digital PR agency?

    We’re an award-winning multidisciplinary digital agency, using a blend of specialisms in order to drive results. We have years of experience in both Traditional and Digital PR, meaning we’re best placed to not only gain coverage across major publications but to ensure that each piece comes with a backlink as well. 

    With Hallam, you’re in a safe pair of hands. We’ve won The Drum Search Awards for our performance across all services, and won Google’s Premier Partner Award EMEA in 2019. Check out our case studies for more award-winning results.

  • What are the benefits of Digital PR?

    Digital PR can help you to: 

    • Rank higher in search engines by securing quality backlinks to your site
    • Raise awareness of your brand and promote the people you work with as thought leaders
    • Replace negative press with good news stories 
    • Reach new audiences and get ahead of your competitors
  • What’s the difference between Digital and Traditional PR?

    Traditional PR has always focused on getting your brand or business in print publications, as well as on the radio and TV. Digital PR focuses on securing quality links that improve the overall authority of your website, contributing significantly to how high you appear in Google’s search results when your customer base searches for your products or services. As a PR agency, we have extensive experience in both mediums and will often combine the two in order to deliver multi-layered, successful campaigns. 

  • How do you measure success in Digital PR?

    We use a range of KPIs, including the number of backlinks, amount of coverage, social shares, brand mentions and monthly visitors. We regularly adapt our KPIs in line with our clients’ requirements.

  • What types of businesses or industries does Digital PR work best for?

    Digital PR works for all industries and businesses that want to rank higher than their competitors in search engines. It also works for both B2B and B2C companies, although we will implement different tactics to get in front of your target audience.

  • Can you help if we have a PR crisis?

    You bet we can. When the going gets tough, the team at Hallam will be on hand to guide you through any crisis and take on all the unnecessary pressure. We will deal with any journalist requests, work with you on external statements and messaging, provide you and your colleagues with FAQ documents and briefing sheets, and produce an action plan that will see your brand through to the other side.

  • What is the value of a link?

    In their simplest form, backlinks act as a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another, signalling trust to Google that others can vouch for your content. Backlinks are still considered by many as the most important ranking factor for your site. However, not all links are equal in their value to your site. The value of your link depends on a wide range of factors including relevancy, anchor text, HTML tag applied to them (follow, nofollow), age of the link and much more.

    Our job is to secure those highly valuable links that the average agency cannot. We’ll create stories that give the press a reason to hit publish, and include a link back to your site. 

Digital PR training

Want to learn more about building your own Digital PR strategies and campaigns? We can help to set you up for success. Our comprehensive training sessions have been designed to effectively upskill your internal team, arming you with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive tangible results. 

Held on-site at your place of business or at one of our offices in Nottingham or London, our training days are informal and fun – just like us! Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your Digital PR, we’re here to act as your trusted partner, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your business.

More than just a Digital PR agency



Infographics, videos, interactive content – our experienced creative team know how to design the stuff that generates links and coverage. We work with them from ideation through to completion to ensure well-rounded campaigns every time.

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Content Marketing

Our targeted content marketing campaigns are designed to get your brand in front of the people who matter. Expertly written and always with a unique hook, we create the kind of content that’s engaging, authoritative and shareable.

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With data-driven content at the heart of our Digital PR campaigns, we hold regular meetings with our technical specialists to flesh out new ideas for our clients, leverage data you already have and help you to visualise its potential. 

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Web Development

Taking an initial idea and turning it into a finished product is a key part of our process. We work closely with our in-house developers to create interactive content designed to earn links and brand coverage. 

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