Video: Rachel Starling – Speedo Goggles: Looking Through A New Digital Lens

Slidedeck presentation: Rachel Starling – Speedo Goggles: Looking Through A New Digital Lens

Rachel Starling – Her Role

  • Advocate for the user
  • Focus on exceeding user expectations
  • Aligning user and business insight
  • Create experiences built in insight that deliver growth
  • Test first mentality

Focus For Today’s Session

How to leverage user and business insight to create a user experience that meets user needs and delivers a return on investments.

The Link Between User Experience & Performance

  • 88% of  consumers won’t return to a website after a bad experience
  • 86% of consumers will pay more for a better user experience

Modern marketing is no longer about just delivering a product. You have to provide the complete experience including support pre and post-purchase.

Bring it To Life – Goggle Case Study

Goggle Insight – Facts:

  • #2 online product category behind swimwear
  • 145+ product variations
  • The user can choose multiple attributes per goggle

Evaluating The Current Experience

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are our users interacting with the existing experience?
  • What is working well for them?
  • What are the challenges?

The Value from Understanding Our Users’ Behaviour

Can be challenging assessing your own work, but it’s necessary to improve user experience and ultimately improve your ROI. But how do we do this?
Address the moments that matter

  • What are the key moments in a users journey that really matter to them?

Creating compelling experiences

  • Design around the moments that matter to create excellent experiences that exceed user expectations

Increased ROI

  • Exceeding user needs leads to increased ROI

How We Understand Our Users Behaviour and Expectations

  • Usability testing – Use “whatusersdo” qualitative feedback from our consumers on the existing experience
  • In-store research – Insights from customers and sales advisors on selling/buying goggles
  • Competitor/Comparator – How are goggles represented across the category?
  • Data deep dive – What is the data telling you? Google Analytics – bounce rate

What Did We Learn?

  • Difficulty choosing – users struggle to shop over 145+ products
  • Attributes – users did not understand the difference between the lens type
  • Shop by activity – users relate to their type of swimming e.g. fitness, open water and competitive

How Do You Make the Goggle Category Easier to Shop?

Collaboration across your company is fundamental to delivering a better user experience, from research to creation to analysis. Sharing what you learn and forming strong relationships from working together will deliver results.  Here is an example of how user experience is linked to a full range of services.

Goggle Tool Experience Creation & User Centred Design


  • We know that [problem]
  • We believe that by [lever] for [audience] we will [goal]
  • We’ll know that we have achieved [goal] by testing [concept] on [area] and observing [KPI] for [duration]

Applying This to the Goggle Experience

  • We know that [users want support when shopping for Goggles]
  • We believe that by [helping users shop the Goggle category] for [swimmers] we will [increase conversion rate of Goggles]
  • We’ll know that we have achieved [a conversion rate increase] by testing [a selector tool] on [ecommerce] and observing [conversion rate] for [3 months]

You can tailor this hypothesis to any project you have so it is bespoke to the way you work. You may work in shorter sprints and therefore shorten the [duration] or change your [audience] to target a different set of customers. It is completely interchangable to your requirments.

User Centred Design – Putting Your Users at the Heart

user centred design
The process itself is highlighted in the chart above.

What Did the Final Solution Look Like?

step 1
Step 2
step 3

What Was The Impact?

Speedos results showed that by understanding and improving your user experience, you can positively impact your digital growth. The trend between quality UX and ROI is real. Speedo experienced double-digit growth in the goggle category compared to previous years, including a summer peak. Since the implementation of the tool in March, the goggles category saw conversion rates double.  speedo summary

Key Takeaways

    • Leverage the power of insight and collaboration to exceed user needs and ROI
    • User experience directly affects your site’s performance
    • Gather as much data as you can around the user experience
    • Create a hypothesis that is specific to your project
    • Design around key moments in your user’s journey
    • Test, test, test!
    • Consider your feedback and make changes where necessary


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