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Hosting, maintenance and support

You don’t have to worry about your website being online when your customers need you.

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Reassurance backed up by SLAs

We’ve maintained hundreds of websites over the years, not one of them has been compromised and our customers rate our service highly.

We keep your site online and secure so you don’t have to worry about it. Think of it as an insurance policy – hopefully you’ll never need us, but when you do, we’ll always be here. And all of it is governed by guaranteed SLAs.

Monitoring servers

World-class hosting

We’ve a longstanding partnership with WP Engine, the largest specialist WordPress hosting provider in the world. Many claim to be specialist WordPress hosts. WP Engine actually are.

Every site we’ve moved on to the platform is faster, simply by moving the same site to a new hosting provider. And it doesn’t stop at fast. With WP Engine’s automated patches, hardened security and specialist e-commerce servers, your customers will be delighted with the experience.

Technical support

Our team of expert engineers will be available to answer your queries during working hours (with 24/7 hosting support from WP Engine). Their job is to keep your site online and stable, and to give your team a helping hand with training on new tasks. So, if you have an internal change of staff, or simply forget how to do something, we’ll be there to help.

Proactive and reactive maintenance

Our team will make sure that WordPress and any plugin code is updated every month, without fail. And if a critical security update is released, they’ll patch it straight away. For us, this is business as usual and you won’t even know it’s happening. You’ll just have the reassurance of knowing your site is online and secure.

Don’t risk your site being compromised

Any open-source content management system needs to be maintained, and it’s often forgotten. If you don’t host on a high-quality server, don’t have proper support and don’t maintain your website, we can guarantee it will be compromised at some point.

A process developed over years

We’ve been hosting, support and maintaining sites for over 15 years. Our process has been refined, systems have been optimised and ticket-by-ticket feedback helps us continually improve the service. Not all sites are built the same, and not all developers work the same way. We’ve developed a way to maintain and support them all in the same way, which can be applied to almost any WordPress site.

It all starts with an audit, because to offer guarantees we have to be confident we can meet them. We’ll audit your site and send you a report with our findings, including key risk areas and suggested improvements to improve stability.

Scripts to avoid human error

Maintaining a website can involve a lot of human interaction. Where possible, our engineers avoid human error by writing scripts that do the heavy lifting. This helps us improve quality, while also passing on the cost savings to you. We let the machines do the hard work and spend our time on delivering great customer support.

Our problem, not yours.

Our aim is to do our job so well that you don’t even need to contact us. Think of us as the team that keeps the electricity on, or the internet working.

With premium quality hosting and scripted updates, all the magic happens behind the scenes. We’ll just let you know when we’re finished.

Our job is to take the burden of worry from you.

How we work, works

We’re in the business of results. Take a look at our recent work, or get in touch to learn more about how we did it.

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Let’s take the first step. We’re ready.

Frequently asked questions

Can you support a website you didn’t build?

Usually we can. We may find that some parts of the site simply aren’t maintainable, but we’ll be frank and tell you so. Once the initial audit is complete, we’ll be clear on whether we can support the site or not.

What happens out of business hours?

Outside of business hours, 24/7 support is provided by WP Engine, who keep the server online with a 99.95% uptime guarantee. We’ll be back during working hours to help you use the site.

Do you have SLAs in place?

Yes we do, and there are different SLAs depending on the severity of the issue. We respond to almost all tickets within one hour.

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