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WordPress training

Equipping you with the tools to edit and build your website with confidence.

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Learn how to get more from your website

We don’t just build websites, we also equip you with the skills and confidence to take control of your own website in the future.

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Content mastering

We provide comprehensive WordPress training giving you have the technical skills to add and change content on your website. This process is what is referred to as content mastering. We’ll set up the key pages for you to use as examples, then you can content master the rest of your site after your training.

Technical skills

In the training, we’ll take you through the basics of WordPress, right from how to login to navigating through the site. Then we’ll go through the details of page set ups, how to add blocks and add copy, images and more.


Not only will our WordPress training show you how to use WordPress and edit your site, it will also train your creative eye. This helps you make the best aesthetic decisions for each page, ensuring visual consistency across the whole website, with every part of it fitting in with the carefully created design.

Take control of your website

Without knowledge of how to edit your own site, you’ll always be relying on others to make even the smallest of changes. Any delay in updating your content means your business isn’t as reactive as it could be. If you’re unable to add a new product to your website, this delay could even have an impact on sales.

Handing over the tools

We’ve been building websites for years and know how to deliver a high quality site for your business. However, its not just about delivering a great site. It’s also about making sure you have everything you need to keep it going in the future.

The aim is to make you experts at handling WordPress, so that you can go in and edit the pages of your site as you need to. Allowing you to keep your website up to date as new things happen means you can stay relevant and stand out from your competitors as you show your audience you are reactive and current.

With this training, you won’t need to call out for help for every minor change you want to make – you’ll have the knowledge to make the changes yourself.

Guiding you through

If you’ve never used WordPress before, it may seem quite daunting, but we’ll guide you through every stage, starting with the basics if required. And we’ll also provide support after your training, so you can lean on us until you feel confident with the tools. Please get in touch to arrange your training.

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Frequently asked questions

What sort of things are covered in the training?

In the training we cover all the basics, starting with how to log in and navigate the site. Then, when you feel comfortable with the fundamentals, we’ll guide you through page set ups and show you how to add blocks and content to a page. We’ll also cover image guidance and the general aesthetics and look of a site.



How long does the training last?

The training session usually lasts around one and a half hours, which is enough time to go through everything you need to know with time for questions throughout.

What if we get stuck after the training?

Although we hand over your website to you after the training, we are still here to answer questions you may have as you begin your content mastering journey.

Are there any resources we can use?

After the training session, we will send you:

  • A recording of the training session so you can go over any parts you’re unsure of
  • A general WordPress guide
  • Image guidance
  • A word count guide

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