Offline conversion tracking

Combine offline internal sales data with website analytics to measure the full customer journey, from discovery to lead nurturing and customer acquisition.

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Measure true return on investment from different traffic sources, paid campaigns and A/B split tests by closing the loop with offline conversion tracking (OCT).

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Offline Conversion Tracking

Bespoke solutions

Offline conversion tracking isn’t something that just comes out of a box and is ready to go. It needs to be tailored to your website, your CRM and, most importantly, your business objectives. On the technical side, we sync lead or quote data from your CRM with Google Analytics, while on the marketing side we ensure that all meaningful business KPIs are fully tracked and considered along the funnel.

Full automation

Gaining insights from OCT shouldn’t come with extra admin. As our OCT solutions are fully automated, you can focus on what matters most to your business. We code custom scripts to gather data from your CRM daily, and import any significant changes back into Google Analytics and Google Ads in a risk-free way, only using non-identifiable IDs for privacy protection.

Dynamic reporting

Decision makers don’t want to see hundreds of numbers on an Excel spreadsheet. They want to see the data visualised in a meaningful way. We craft dynamic reports that show the OCT data in visually, combining website analytical data with the offline CRM data to get a full picture of performance. What makes these reports dynamic? Well, you can select any date range on the report and see the results in a few seconds. Also, any new data will be automatically added with a live feed.

Stop the guesswork. Connect the dots.

Not all leads are equal, yet a majority of B2B companies are simply counting the number of leads or quotes they receive each day as their key metric, which is a poor reflection of the true value of the leads generated. At a minimum, they should be counting the number of qualified leads, or go beyond this and measure opportunities, new customers and overall monetary value from each traffic source. That’s where we can help.

OCT implementation specialists

We’ve worked with several CRM systems and unique API setups, and can work around your current MarTech stack. Error checking comes as standard with this important data stream and scripts are maintained whenever Google updates their systems.

Focused insights and pinpoint optimisation

Combining insights gained from OCT with analytical data allows us to dig deep into which areas of your website are working for your business, and which areas are hurting your bottom line. Importing OCT data into Google Ads allows our paid advertising specialists to enable smart bidding targeting on key campaigns, taking full advantage of Google’s machine learning algorithms, thus saving wasted ad spend and boosting highly converting areas.

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Frequently asked questions

Can offline conversion tracking be used for ecommerce?

Most ecommerce transactions are made immediately online, with little delay between a user browning the website and making a transaction.

In special cases, a website may provide a quote which is actioned hours, days or even months after the initial quote was made in the offline world. In this case we can import transactional data from your CRM straight into Google Analytics and Google Ads to give a full picture of quote sources and performance.

Do I need a specific CRM to implement OCT?

We have worked with several bespoke CRM systems, as well as standard CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Typically we would need to work alongside your CRM development team to create an API connection to access the required data. The most secure option is for us to access data passed into the cloud.

Does OCT require a lot of development?

Bespoke OCT solutions will need bespoke integration code to function. We’ve built a robust framework for bespoke solutions which emails alerts if any part of the data stream is interrupted, or if there’s an issue with the CRM, for example.

Out-of-the-box solutions are available for popular CRM systems, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, which can integrate smoothly with all Google properties, plus advanced tracking techniques such as call tracking or chat software sales.

If you get i touch with us, we can scope out your requirements before any commitment is made.