There’s many agencies that claim to live their values but, for us, it’s way more than just lip service. 

As part of our B Corp status, we’re submitting a B Impact Report to benchmark the progress we’ve made in terms of incorporating B Corp values into five different areas of business: governance, workers, community, environment and customers. 

The report includes our B Impact Assessment scores for each area and outlines our goals for achieving an even greater score for recertification in 2025.

We’ve decided to share our report for a deeper dive into how we achieved B Corp status and our goals for the future, so we can ultimately help other businesses do the same.

Making a difference to the climate with Ecologi 

One of the initiatives that is helping us achieve a B Impact score of 9.5 for Environment is Ecologi for Business, where we plant trees and fund climate projects every month on behalf of our employees. 

To date, we’ve planted over 40,000 trees and contributed to 28 projects, including wind power projects in Mexico, distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya, restoring peatland in Indonesia, turning local organic waste into electricity in India and more.

While carbon offsetting isn’t solely the answer to improving the environmental impacts of business, when implemented alongside environmentally friendly business operations it provides a way for us to have a positive impact on the environment around the globe.

Improving our impact on the community

We’ve introduced various initiatives to positively engage with the community we operate in, such as co-hosting a Better Business event for local businesses, donating all the proceeds to a charity of the year from our annual digital marketing event, the Nottingham Digital Summit, and partnering with the Agency Collective to research diversity levels in the marketing industry.

With results on diversity and inclusion levels from a nationwide survey of 100 digital agencies across the UK, the report enables marketing agencies to benchmark collective progress by highlighting what’s been achieved and where we need to improve diversity across the industry as a whole, while also providing guidance on how to improve diversity levels for agency leaders. You can find the report for 2023 here.

Our thoughts

Our Strategy Director, and pioneer of our B Corp certification, Julie Reid, said: “Achieving B Corp status last year was such a proud moment for the agency and a career highlight for me personally. We’ve always known it was the first step on a long journey, and so our first B Impact report is about showing where we are now and what we hope to achieve in the coming year.

“And while we know carbon offsets aren’t a substitute for making necessary changes to business operations, partnering with Ecologi means we’re able to fund climate projects around the world every month on behalf of our employees.”

Download the report Find out how we’re incorporating B Corp values into all aspects of business, what our scores are for each area, and how you can implement similar initiatives by downloading our report.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our initiatives or want to work with an agency that believes in the same values that you do, then get in touch.