We’re excited to announce that we’ve been named finalists for the UK Company Culture Awards this year.

The awards honour and recognise businesses that look out for and support their employees, provide career advancement opportunities, commend excellent work, and foster a working environment that goes above and beyond an office setting – even when operating remotely. 

After all the work we’ve done this year to make Hallam a better working environment for everyone, we’re so delighted to have been nominated for the ‘Best Agency To Work For’ category, the ultimate recognition for our efforts and achievements so far.

Our Managing Director, Jake Third, said: “I’m really proud that Hallam’s culture is getting recognition at the national level. Since taking over leadership of the company at the start of the pandemic, we’ve had a vision to build a business with a soul. We believe that work should make your life better. The decision to put your people-first is not only an ethical imperative, but the only strategy that makes sense. I’m proud of the team and honoured to work alongside such talented and caring people.”

UK Company Culture Awards 2023 Finalist

Our approach

You might be left thinking, but what is it that makes Hallam such a great place to work?

Ultimately, it comes down to us putting people at the heart of all business. We’ve worked to put in place a range of incentives and policies to ensure our colleagues feel seen and heard, while being in a position to consistently deliver and perform to the best of their abilities. 

Our company culture has been recognised time and time again, being recognised by both The Sunday Times and the Campaigns Lists as an outstanding place to work.

These are just a few of the policies we’ve put in place over the last few years:

  • Mental health first aiders – we have a team of six employees who volunteered to obtain their Ofqual Level 3 qualifications in order to support colleagues going through challenging times. They offer supportive conversations and provide coins for free therapy from our partners at Umbrella.
  • Miscarriage policy – one in five pregnancies end in miscarriages and not enough is currently in place in workplaces to support individuals going through this difficult scenario. After it hit close to home, we introduced our ‘Miscarriage Policy.’ You can learn more about our policy here Hallam Launches Miscarriage Policy: A personal story behind the change
  • Shared parental leave policy – our policy gives equal leave to both mums and dads as we know how important it is to get those precious moments with your family – especially during those first few weeks of welcoming your new-born into the world. 

Our B Corp status 

Taking a people-first approach has enabled us to reach B Corp status. For us, it’s not just a tick box exercise, a people-first strategy that allows everybody to thrive is surely the only strategy that makes sense. 

Our B Corp status does not simply renew each year – we’re constantly improving quotas and setting new goals in order to maintain our status and reach a place we’d like to be in as a company. The diversity and inclusion survey that we carry out each year is a prime example. Pioneered by our own Kiorhte Aghoghogbe, it serves to monitor representation across the marketing industry and helps us set new benchmarks for the following year. We’re proud to be consistently driving for change in our industry and moulding Hallam into a workplace where everyone can thrive. Fingers crossed for the finals.

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