How Hallam is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted on 01/04/2020 by Team Hallam

Hallam is busy working alongside our clients, advising them as they make fundamental business and marketing strategy decisions as a result COVID-19 pandemic.

We are supporting our clients as together we navigate the issues surrounding employee safety, business continuity, and furloughs and shutdowns.

Coronovirus is forcing all businesses to change how we operate, and some of the changes we are all making now are changes that are going to stick as move forward out of the pandemic.

What Hallam clients are doing to deal with the COVID-19

We are working closely with our clients, devising and delivering strategies to address highly specific needs. Here are how some Hallam clients are handling the pandemic:

  • One ecommerce client has produced a series of product based videos and brand awareness videos to make it easier for customers to buy their products. A mix of display remarketing and social media remarketing has resulted in a significant uplift in sales for month of March, year on year.
  • Critical marketing foundations like brand, proposition and positioning are being reviewed and realigned by a professional service provider including the design of a new website and generation of fresh content in order to be well positioned as we look forward to the future
  • Whilst search volumes may be down, a manufacturer is focusing on staying front of mind and visible to clients at every single moment in their purchasing decision.
  • And a SaaS provider has pivoted their advertising spend to focus on social advertising. With their key decision makers now working from home, and working unusual hours, they are focusing on increased visibility via social platforms.

Hallam’s own digital transformation

Whilst we had not planned for a global pandemic, the Hallam leadership team had implemented crisis management policies that included a theoretical need to close our office building.

Working virtually is already embedded deeply in our company culture, and we have already deployed systems that we use in the normal course of our business including virtual collaboration technologies, virtual meeting tools, and the infrastructural to support remote working.

Team Hallam has pivoted to a remote work force, with teams fully functional working from home.

We have already realised significant savings for our clients by eliminating all travel costs, and maintaining our efficiency and effectiveness through our usage of applications like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Miro, and more.

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Looking forward

Remote working is now being adopted widely and successfully by a range of businesses, and our marketing strategies need to diversify and adapt to this new world. Our work forces are becoming more flexible, productivity challenges are evolving, and we are all becoming more adaptable.

The global pandemic is causing a slow down in traffic in every sense of the word: movement of goods through the supply chain, as well as a marketing slowdown in terms of events being conferences are being cancelled or postponed, or turned into virtual events.

And as our business practices change permanently, companies are going to be looking at their digital marketing to see what gives the greatest return on investment in this new world.

Our view is that Coronovirus is accelerating changes that we going to happen anyway, but these changes are now just accelerated. Automation, virtual working, personalisation, collaboration.

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How Hallam is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

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