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Paid media audits

We’ll review your account and fine-tune it for success.

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Take control of your advertising performance

Our paid media team has expertise across all major ad networks and will focus on reviewing the core components of your advertising activity. This will cover everything from ad creative through to audience targeting, account settings and budget pacing.

Our audit will swiftly identify and flag any improvements that can be made to your accounts, with practical guidance on how to get performance back on track.

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Xray audits

How effective is your advertising?

We’ll provide you with snapshots showing the condition of your accounts. We apply best practice to four key areas, which allows us to provide super simple, clearly laid out recommendations that can be actioned by your team or incumbent agency. It’s also a method that tends to see significant improvements in performance, so it’s one we stand by.

If you want to understand more about the current effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, get in touch for a free audit today.

How does it work?

Our audits focus on four key areas:


Creative is the bedrock of effective advertising. Whether it’s ad copy used on your search ads, imagery in display and banner ads, or video content used across YouTube and CTV, our team will assess how well your creative is performing vs. your competitors.


Are you targeting the right audiences and maximising the performance of your accounts? Are you using the right targeting options available in each platform to meet your campaign goals and objectives? Our team will assess the settings of each campaign and advise on where improvements can be made.


In an era dominated by machine learning and marketing automation, providing ad networks with the right data will make or break your advertising performance. Our team will assess the data currently available in each platform, and advise on where data could be used to boost performance of existing campaigns.


Many elements of your advertising campaigns can now be automated to take advantage of management efficiencies and machine learning. However, are you using the right automation features based on your campaign goals, or do they need a reset? Our team will assess your current use of automated campaign features and advise on specific improvements across your campaigns.

How we work, works

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Frequently asked questions

How regularly should I review my advertising accounts?

This depends on how much you spend. For larger advertisers spending in the 100’s of thousands per month we’d advise auditing performance on a quarterly basis as a minimum, ideally monthly.

I’m already working with another agency, can you still audit my account?

Yes, our audits are designed to give you an objective view of current performance regardless of who’s managing your account today. The recommendations provided can either be picked up by your internal team, incumbent agency, or Hallam if you would like further support.

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