Let Hallam manufacture the right digital strategy to help boost your business

In our experience, the top priorities for most manufacturing businesses like yours are likely to be:

  • Generating more high quality leads
  • Controlling marketing costs and proving return on investment
  • Staying ahead of your competition

Our manufacturing specialist team has the experience and the skills to make your business more successful on the internet.

Ensuring prospective clients find you when searching the internet. Making it easier for clients to do business with you. Improving the way you communicate using digital technologies.



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Lead generation and

Business growth through engagement

Are you looking or a specialist manufacturing marketing agency to make your business more successful on the Internet?

The Hallam strategy is focused on helping your business to be more competitive by using digital technologies.

Our expert digital marketing executives will first start by looking at how your business works, who you sell to and what your competitors are doing. We will then undertake a full audit of the current performance of your website, and identify opportunities for improvement that will help you meet your business goals.

Making you more visible in search

We often start with search engine optimisation. A process that seeks to make your website more likely to rank well in the search engines.  And better rankings means more visitors, and more high quality leads for your business.

We take a holistic approach to make sure every base is covered

Also part of the plan are digital PR, social media management and strategy and content creation. All of these will help you hit those goals and show how digital marketing can help you.

Social media is one of those things that is easy to get wrong and can feel intimidating to begin with. With so many channels and different forms how are you to know the right one for your manufacturing business?

At Hallam we research exactly the types of people that you are trying to attract and then advise you on which social media channels are best to concentrate your resources on. We can then help you create a plan about what types of content that would be beneficial to create create, write and design that content and then manage posting that content to your followers.

A well structured social media plan can help your business not only increase brand awareness but drive more people to your website and with it the potential for more new leads.

Using digital PR to make customers and search engines take notice

With our digital PR team we are able to double up on your return. Our specialists are able to create opportunities for you to appear in trade and mainstream media commenting and writing about subjects that you want to be seen as expert in. These pieces not only boost brand recognition but also have the added bonus of increasing your search engine ranking.

By gaining backlinks from large- well respected sites to your website it shows search engines that you are trusted and useful and therefore more likely to be pushed up the rankings due to the trust in your website.

Let us tell you more about about our manufacturing success stories.