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SEO website migration service

Minimise risk and maximise search visibility with our tried and tested SEO-driven website migration service.

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We make complex website migration easy

Migrating your website shouldn’t be something that keeps you up at night. However, if done without expert SEO support, the risks are enormous. Luckily, our professional website migration service will ensure that the whole process will go smoothly, from start to finish.

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The discovery phase

Before we start any work we will take the time to understand your business, value proposition and USPs. After all, your goals are our goals. 

You’ll then be assigned a dedicated SEO consultant who will gain a full understanding of your existing website’s organic performance, including rankings, backlinks and traffic, as well as your URL site structure.

SEO: the foundation of website performance

Around 93% of all website traffic comes from search engines, so it’s crucial that you capitalise on this by centralising SEO during your website migration project.

Your dedicated SEO consultant will conduct keyword research, ensuring that your new website will stand the best chance of being found in search results. If you’re found for the keywords relevant to your services and products, you’ll drive more traffic to your website, maximising your ability to convert visitors into valuable customers.

Working together, in complete unity

We also work in tandem with our user experience team to craft a new sitemap and navigation, as well as with our web development team on wireframes and templates. All ensuring that your new website gives customers an exceptional online experience.

Redirects are important

Once your new website and content have been mastered, it’s now time to carefully plan and map your redirects, using automation to make the process quicker and easier. A chunk of your URLs may stay the same to protect organic performance, but even if not we’ll take care of where your old website’s pages will go to on your new website.

The before and after

Before and after your new website goes live, we’ll carry out a detailed technical SEO audit and QA phase, making sure all the boxes are ticked. 

In addition to our manual SEO checks, this phase will include auditing content on indexable pages, broken landing pages, internal links, canonical tags, XML sitemaps, heading structure, keyword optimisation, site speed, Google Analytics tracking and mobile usability

We’ll make sure everything is as it should be and, if it isn’t, we’ll work with our web development team to resolve any issues.

Launch your website without the headaches

Crafting and launching a new website can cause worry and stress even at the best of times. Let alone if you want it to stand the best chance of ranking on search engines. That’s where we come in.

Not taking SEO into consideration right from the start can have a detrimental impact on your organic visibility.

Ensuring that SEO is the driving force of the whole process from the very beginning will help protect your existing search rankings, backlinks and organic traffic. This will in turn, improve your conversions and revenue.

If you want your new website to be a business success and something you’re proud of, investing in our effective SEO migration service is not an option.

Your dedicated website migration team

As soon as we start working together, you will be safe in the very capable hands of our team of website migration specialists.

Not only will we guide you through every step of the process and complete the project to an outstanding level of quality, but we will also be on hand to give you tailored advice and consultancy.

You’ll also gain your dedicated account manager and project manager, who are there to make sure we deliver the best possible client service and the project is carried out on time and to budget.

A collective of excellent minds

When you choose our website migration service, you will gain access to a wide range of departments and expert knowledge who will all work hard to get your new website to where you want it to be.

You’ll be taking advantage of Hallam’s SEO, UX, web development, web design, content marketing and mastering and creative departments, ensuring that your new website will outshine all of your competitors.

Future organic brilliance

Once your new website is up and running, we will endeavour to monitor your organic performance to make sure it maintains or improves from the launch day. You’ll also have a hypercare period when your specialist team will pick up and resolve any issues or bugs that surface.

However, website migration is about more than just moving your website from one place to the next and making sure your new environment is in tip top condition. It’s also about future proofing results and building on your existing foundations.

Our team takes a strategic and collaborative approach to ongoing SEO retainers post migration that deliver results and business success in the long-term. Successful migrations are just the beginning.

How we work, works

We’re in the business of results. Take a look at our recent work, or get in touch to learn more about how we did it.

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Frequently asked questions

What is website migration?

A website migration is when you want to move your current website from one place to another, whether that’s a new domain, web host, platform or server.

Many marketers use this terminology to describe when a website goes through significant changes, such as changes in location, URL structure, content, design or UX that could potentially impact a website’s search visibility and rankings.

Why does SEO need to be considered for website migration?

Over time, your website has probably gained search engine visibility and organic equity that has resulted in obtaining keyword rankings that your customers use to find your website.

When you migrate your website from one place to another, or change any URLs or content without considering your SEO, there’s a high chance of losing that link equity and authority, which will have a negative impact on your search visibility, rankings and traffic.

The goal of website migration is to minimise risk and mitigate any traffic losses as much as possible.

What happens if SEO isn’t included in website migration?

With many people wanting to migrate or change their website as quickly and easily as possible, one of the first things that might be dropped or not considered in the process is SEO.

This is because SEO needs to be carefully researched and planned out, which you might not have the time or resource to do, considering that a website migration is a very complex task.

However, not including SEO in your website migration project could have detrimental impact on your search engine rankings, visibility and traffic, losing all of that organic equity that you would’ve built up over a long period of time.

Loss of visibility and traffic could well mean a loss in revenue, so make sure you involve SEO in your website migration from the very start.

How much does it cost to migrate a website?

The cost of an SEO migration varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the project
  • What kind of migration you’re conducting
  • How large your website is and the number of pages it has
  • How much content you want to move, create or take down along the way
  • How many redirects you’ll need to set up
  • How much keyword research you want to do
  • How much time you want to spend on the process
  • How much detail you want to go into during the auditing and checking phases

The best thing to do is get in touch with one of our website migration consultants to get a rough idea or estimation based on our goals and plans.

Beware of out-of-the-box website migration services. You may end up receiving a poor standard of work and having to circle back and fix issues over and over again, which could damage your organic performance.

How long does an SEO website migration take?

The time it takes to conduct a website migration depends on things like the size of your website, how many pages you’re wanting to redirect, how much content you want to drop or create for your new website and the level of detail of the prelaunch and post-launch audits. But generally speaking, taking into consideration all the different phases, you could be looking at a minimum of three months. 

To get an idea of how long your migration project could take, just speak to one of our migration specialists.

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