Twitter has recently launched an embeddable direct messaging button you can add to your website. We take a look at why and how businesses might want to use this.

Twitter’s embeddable DM button allows your website visitors (whether they are prospects or customers) to contact your business using Twitter’s direct message service direct from your website. This is great way for potential customers to get in touch without having to fill in forms and an easy way for your business to provide customer support.

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How it works

To add Twitter’s embeddable DM button to your website, go to Twitter Publish, then select the ‘message button’.  This feature requires both your Twitter handle and your user ID. Your Twitter user ID can be found under your profile settings.


By choosing ‘set customisation options’ you’ll be able to edit how Twitter’s embeddable DM button will look on your website. For example, you can edit what the autofill text will say when customers message your business.

twitter-embedded-dmbutton-customization- screenshot

A code will then be generated for you to add to your website.

Twitter-Embedded-DMButton- code-blurred

You’ll then need to change your Security and privacy settings to allow anyone to DM your business by selecting ‘Receive Direct Messages from anyone’.

Why you should use Twitter’s embeddable DM button

  • Improve your social customer relationship management

This new feature will help customers save time because they won’t have to search for your business’s Twitter handle to send you a message. The support will be readily available at the click of a button. Twitter’s embeddable DM button also gives businesses the opportunity to create personalised relationships through real-time support without being limited to 140 characters (the length of a tweet). As a result, businesses can reply more efficiently to customers’ queries.

  • Keep messages private

These messages are private therefore making any negative comments from customers more discreet. Although, if businesses aren’t quick enough to respond, there’s still the risk of customers complaining publicly.

  • Provide information about your customers

The direct messaging function allows customers to send up to 10,000 characters in a message. This gives businesses the chance to receive more information from customers and act more effectively on customer feedback.

Have you tried Twitter’s embeddable DM button? Let us know what you think of this new feature by tweeting @HallamInternet! Or, if you need help with your social media strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 0115 948 0123.

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