The expectations of B2B customers are higher than ever.  Never forget the potential B2B customer who’s browsing your B2B website now, has the same expectations they have from B2C digital experiences.  They’re deeply conditioned to expect meaningful and memorable online experiences regardless of what they’re buying – at home or at work.
As a result, B2B brands need to be creating starting with high impact B2B web design as the cornerstone of  high impact B2B digital marketing campaigns,
Your B2B audience is looking for a great user experience and memorable brand experiences.

The days of bad B2B web design are over.

Effective B2B websites must think beyond the “last click” focus of traditional conversion-rate techniques: it’s about building a memorable experience that will help you foment a lasting customer relationship. This typically consists of multiple interactions by different people within an organisation before making an enquiry.
For this reason, B2B websites need to work much harder to inform, captivate and engage the many different stakeholders that make up the complex buying unit of the B2B customer.

Take a look at our pick of 9 great examples of B2B website design:


1. Treat meaning and purpose as your superpower

In an increasingly automated world driven by speed and convenience, a meaningful story is an essential trait of any brand, as consumers search for empathy and purpose in everything they do. It’s also incredibly difficult to fake – B2B brands need to work hard to find theirs and treat it as a superpower that others don’t have. Team Hallam worked with world-class care home specialists Blueleaf, to create a website that focuses on the powerful messaging and empathy that’s important to all of us: a dignified, fulfilling life in our later years. Powerful messaging, a compelling brand promise and bespoke photography combine to create a strong proposition in an otherwise cold and corporate space.
Example 1: screenshot of blueleaf homepage

2. Proximis: Use your tone of voice and storytelling to your advantage

It’s no longer enough to just describe the functional benefits of your products. Commerce specialists Proximis make great use of tone of voice and imagery to put a fun, irreverent spin on the traditional SAAS tech offer – a combination of photography, clever copywriting and animation make for a fun, engaging experience that cuts through the noise.
B2B web design example 2: Screenshot of Proximis website

3. Advanced Dynamics: embrace the power of simple, high contrast design

Often, the biggest challenge in B2B design is cutting through the noise of what we call “the grey slab” of marketing. Embrace the power of high contrast, simple design and motion to make your message punchy and impactful. Advanced Dynamics are a great example of this. Designed by Team Hallam, it’s a great example of how embracing powerful colour and simple layout has really helped this Yorkshire-based manufacturing specialist stand out in a competitive space.
B2B web design example 3: screenshot of advanced dynamics homepage

4. Plink: keep your message clear

The B2B space is competitive, and your customers are busy. Cut through the noise by making your key messaging crystal clear – Plink keep things simple and clear with a powerful and effective design that keeps the core message hard to miss.
Example 4: screenshot of Plink homepage

5. Dialpad: use photography and micro-copy to humanise your product

People buy from people, and business users are people too. In an increasingly competitive and automated world, the value of human interaction and empathy in design is more important than ever. People make purchasing decisions with their emotions, and this is equally important in a B2B setting. Dialpad does a great job of juxtaposing their AI product with human appeal to keep an otherwise invisible product relatable and visually interesting.
example 5: Screenshot of Dialpad website

6. Packlane Packaging: B2B web design doesn’t have to be boring

Packlane is a great example of a website that fuses modern B2C aesthetics and simple, impactful design with depth and informational content that makes a great user experience part of the offer. Through inventive use of colour, illustration and layout, buying packaging doesn’t have to feel like a chore.
B2B website design doesn't have to be boring (example 6)

7. Kabertech: Bold and persuasive content isn’t just for the retail space

Don’t be afraid to be bold and confident. B2B brands, even those without physical products can still be bold and confident with their visual impact. Clever use of 3D renders and bold, confident typography as well as content, make Kabertech’s industrial design consultancy stand out among a sea of competitors with a simple, effective and high-impact homepage.
B2B website design can be bold and creative (example 7)

8. Sonikpass: purpose always matters, so make it count

This authentication tech brand does a great job of promoting purpose over function. It’s no longer enough to just describe the functional benefits of your product – what is it for? Why are you doing this? Why should it matter to me? Purpose matters and Sonikpass understand that.
example 8: Screenshot of Sonikpass website homepage

9. Hirelevel: frictionless and user-centric experiences matter even more in B2B web design

Sure, retail customers can be unpredictable and demanding, but more often than not they can be persuaded by desire and delight. B2B customers present a different challenge: they’re often time-poor, so focusing on creating a fast, frictionless experience that helps them complete a job with the least amount of friction possible is a quick and easy way of generating trust and delight. Recruitment firm Hirelevel do a great job of providing simplified, high-level choices, specifically designed to meet the demands of their B2B audience, in this case recruiting employers.
Frictionless user experience in B2B website designs
In summary, the world of B2B web design is constantly evolving. The gap between a delightful consumer experience and its business-centric counterpart is constantly narrowing when it comes to user expectations and the demands on the design of the website. Are you ready to compete in today’s evolving B2B space?

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