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I keep unsubscribing.  I keep complaining. And now I’m going public.  Those pesky Democrats in America are spam merchants.

Actually, President Elect Obama isn’t the spammer, it appears to be David Plouffe, his campaign manager guru who won’t take his foot off the spam accelerator.

I didn’t want to go public with the Democrats’ spamming reputation until they had safely won the election.  But now they have won, and it is time to point the accusatory finger.

The Democratic party use a piece of software called Party Builder to manage their hugely successful Internet election campaign.  A steady stream of emails asking for small donations proved to the key to financial success for party funding.

I’ve unsubscribed separate three times from their email broadcasts.  Twice the unsubscribes had no effect whatsoever.  The final unsubscribe took effect in August…. but the begging emails started reappearing in December.

As an expatriate American who completed and posted my proxy ballot, voting for Obama, I’m more than annoyed to be at the receiving end of spam.

The law they are breaking, of course, is the CAN-SPAM requirement to provide an easy and effective way to unsubscribe, or opt-out,  from email marketing.

Successful email marketing is getting the right message to the right people at the right time, and having the processes in place to respect the wishes of those wanting to unsubscribe.

Fix it, David!

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