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Executive Summary

Raleigh – one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the UK – approached Hallam to use our SEO expertise to improve brand visibility and boost sales. Our strategy combined search engine marketing, relevant content creation and brand authority improvement which delivered great results and increased the volume of online sales. With the help of Hallam, Raleigh’s website has been transformed and delivered a 676% increase in its ecommerce revenue year on year.

The Client

Raleigh Bikes is a renowned bicycle manufacturer based in Nottingham. Founded 130 years ago, it is one of the oldest bike companies in the world. It produces a wide range of bike models, some of which have won Tour de France. Raleigh now owns other bike and accessory brands such as Diamondback.

The Challenge

When the company approached Hallam, it was heavily relying on a network of dealers to sell its products and was struggling with its online sales. Hallam was tasked to increase the volume of online sales.

Our Approach

Our team used a combination of search engine optimisation, content marketing, conversion rate optimisation and automation to increase traffic to the Raleigh website and boost sales online.

Our Owned Media and Earned Media teams collaboratively implemented a robust link building strategy to improve the website’s position in search. We created relevant content pieces that improved Raleigh’s brand authority online for cycling related topics. The content also became a talking point for media and industry related publications and increased organic visibility of the brand’s website. For example, one article appeared on over 245,000 timelines as a result of our outreaching efforts.

We worked closely with Raleigh’s web development partner and scoped and launched a search engine friendly Magento site. We undertook a rigorous SEO audit followed by keyword research to identify what customers were searching for and on-page optimisation, including advice on functionality of page types on the new site and assistance with new page copywriting.

The work on organic search engine marketing was complemented by campaigns on Google Shopping, which was run by our Paid Media team. We rebuilt the Google shopping feed into a three-tiered campaign structure, which allowed us to control when the ads appeared for different keywords, with different levels of intent. In addition to sales, the campaigns brought just over 20,000 visitors to the website, which increased the brand awareness for potential UK customers.

We also ran remarketing campaigns on Google Display to drive sales among established leads. With carefully created audience lists and ad messaging, we targeted users at a specific moment where they were most likely to convert.


Raleigh Bikes body

The new website we helped to launch has both increased traffic and delivered an improved conversion rate year on year. By working with us, Raleigh achieved a 676% increase in its ecommerce revenue year on year.

The sales on Black Friday saw a 370% increase from the average monthly rate as a result of our Digital PR campaign.

The brand now also ranks on page one on Google Search for electric bikes and other non-brand keywords since the new site launch.

“Hallam delivered against our stretch targets a year ahead of schedule and have helped us truly transform our website by increasing ecommerce revenue and reducing our over-reliance on our network of dealers. They have the most experienced team in the region and consistently deliver on our online growth targets.”

Elliot Kirk, Ecommerce Manager at Raleigh Bikes

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