Crafting Hallam’s new brand

Posted on 30/01/2019 by Team Hallam

Hallam is an emerging force in the UK digital marketing scene, with the transformational results and industry awards to prove our success.

As our business has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, so has our brand evolved. Hallam has a new brand identity and design system that I want to share with you here now.

Helping clients to navigate the evolving world of digital marketing since 1999

Hallam was there at the very beginning of digital marketing.

Just at the moment the true potential of the internet was being realised and the concept of “search engine optimisation” was taking hold, I knew businesses large and small would need specialist help.

Today as then, we help businesses and brands to thrive in a digital world.

And believe it or not, for nearly 20 years we were using the same Hallam logo created in 2000 by the much missed Mark Shaw and his team at Jupiter Design.

That old brand identity has been alongside us for two decades as we grew from a one-man (woman!) band into a team of more than 60 people. Seen us through the merger with BigSpring. Accompanied us as we built a world-class management team. And served us well as we transformed into a strategy led agency that is helping businesses and brands to thrive in a digital world.

Since 1999, Hallam has expanded far beyond just search engine optimisation.

We’re an all-new business.

And hence, our new brand.

A refined logo


Hallam logo


We have developed a simplified and powerful new Hallam logo script and wordmark that works in conjunction with the new graphical device, our “Tricon.”

The Tricon is a device that depicts the approach to our process: ‘Think. Act. Improve’. Each segment is overlaid to create a strong and memorable icon. Pointing in the direction of success and improvement it also reinforces our goal to ‘Thrive’.

Think. Act. Improve.

These 3 little words sum up Hallam, how we work for the best results for ourselves and our clients.

We think before we act, getting to know our clients, their business and their customers and creating a clear strategy.

Our specialist team takes the strategy and turns it into a clear plan of action, which we implement using our knowledge, skills and expertise.

We monitor and assess the performance of what we deliver, so we can improve results continuously and go bigger and better next time.

Strike is the new Hallam brand colour

Strike Red is direct and confident. Like us.

Strike red

Our new brand is minimal and clean, and Strike red will be used sparingly with our two other brand colours, black and white.

Our secondary palette gives us flexibility and creative choice in creating infographics and other forms of communication.

Relaxed and authentic portraits

Our new team photography is about catching a moment; people consulting, talking and working together.

We’re a modern and informal company, and curiosity, collaboration, trust and respect are at the heart of our brand photography.

relaxed and informal meeting

It’s a work in progress

My colleagues at Hallam and our partners have worked for the better part of a year on our new brand and design system. I would like to thank RBL and Threerooms for the dedication in helping us to create and execute our new brand identity.

There are exciting times ahead, and our new brand reflects our culture, our values and our vision.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I will keep you posted of future developments!

If you are interested in joining Team Hallam please see our current vacancies.

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Crafting Hallam’s new brand

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