Hallam Digital Marketing Map

Hallam’s Digital Marketing Tube Map shows the complexities of Internet Marketing and graphically represents Stations as individual campaigns or platforms and Stops as the areas that need to be considered in order for your online campaigns to be a success.

Susan Hallam, Managing Director of Hallam says, “We hope our Digital Marketing Tube Map will be a useful guide for those new to the Internet marketing world and be a handy reminder of the complexitites of a successful Internet marketing campaign for the rest of us”.

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Hallam SEO Tube Map

Print a copy for your office wall:

Our digital marketing map prints beautifully in full colour, and even looks great in black and white. Go ahead and get it printed on A2 – looks wonderful!

Put this Digital Marketing Tube Map on your own website, just use the embed code below.

Feel free to put this map on your own website or share it on social media, we would be delighted! To make it easy for you, just use the embed code below.

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We also have large A2 size printed copies of our Digital Marketing Tube Map. For a printed copy of the map, or to find out more about our digital marketing services, including SEO, PPCContent Marketing and Digital PR, please get in touch.

This map was created by Susan Hallam and Ben Wood


46 responses to “Digital Marketing Tube Map – A Guide to Internet Marketing”

  1. I love this! It has inspired me to get you guys to travel over this way soon, and show us the way forward with our digital marketing.

  2. Niamh says:

    I LOVE this map…. Genius whoever created it !

  3. Brilliant idea and very inspiring.

  4. Derek Ward says:

    Very impressive illustration. Shows everything that was missing on my email to Susan yesterday. Well done

  5. Inspired as usual. Being shared with all my colleagues in the UK right now. 🙂

  6. Very impressive! I’d love to know how long it took?! Can I share on my FB page (tagging Hallam of course!)?

  7. Peter Fedorow says:

    Pure genius, you should submit this for an award!

  8. Fia Gosling says:

    Great Stuff Guys- Love this idea!

  9. Lynne Morgan says:

    Just so clever. Excellent…would you like to come and talk to the PM Forum again soon???

  10. Andy Gosling says:

    What a great way of showing what you can do in the world of internet marketing!

  11. Gillian Gaston says:

    Another ingenious tool from the Hallam stable. Very useful and clear.

  12. Very clever and well thought out! But useful as a checklist too. Congratulations!

  13. Janet Harkin says:

    Love your creativity! Great re-purposing of a design classic to explain a 21st century sector.

  14. Nick Cohen says:

    Fantastic. The tube, and other subway systems, are complex, yet all lines are interconnected in one way or another, just like digital marketing.

  15. Chob says:

    Well done! I’d be more than happy with a printed one!

  16. Raphael O'Donoghue says:

    A fantastic and creative depiction of digital marketing. Well Done!

  17. Always like a modern take of a classic design. Also like pretty colours and tube rides so a winner all round from me. I imagine the strucutre of this ‘version’ will be much more fluid than that of the underground!

  18. John says:

    I love it and am already using it with a new product…

  19. Jay says:

    Finally, something that actually makes sense and is helpful! Yay! Really good work guys and thanks for sharing. I can share this with my clients.

  20. Keane Kwa says:

    Great interesting Internet Marketing Tube Map. Love your creativity. Check out my article about this map at

  21. Keane Kwa says:

    Great interesting Internet Marketing Tube Map. Check out my article about this really creative map at

  22. Paul Mills says:

    Very nice job guys. I will share it with my marketing students.

  23. Great idea! Would look good on my wall 🙂 Greetings from Germany!

  24. Brilliant idea! Looking forward to see it on the wall of our office;) Best Regards from Berlin

  25. HAST2u says:

    Great idea. I love this

  26. Raphael Schulz says:

    Perfect to explain the complexity of online marketing!

  27. Raphael Schulz says:

    Perfect to explain the complexity of online marketing!
    Best regards from Hamburg

  28. Sara Dalzell says:

    Love this. Beautiful to look at and really useful too. Agree with previous posters – Genius!!

  29. Sara Dalzell says:

    Wow! Genius (as others have said). Beautiful to look at and really useful too.

  30. Michael says:

    Wow, this looks very nice ! Respect !

  31. Jonas says:

    Hey guys, this map looks very sophisticated.
    It was an honor to share it on Pinterest and Twitter 😉
    I would love to hang one of them in our office, too.
    Best Regards,

  32. David D'Arcy says:

    The best ideas are those that make the complicated proposition so simple to grasp. Apart from having great impact as a a pictorial representation of a big topic it just fitted so well with some work I had been doing with Peter Knight & Grant Leboff. It was Peter who suggested I search for your work. I know I have missed the deadline for your offer of the A2 printed versions but I will live in hope that you can two spares.

  33. Jonas says:

    Do we have a winner? 😉

  34. Wow this is genius….very well done! I’m not to proud to beg I want to WINNNNNNN one pretty please. 🙂

  35. Larisa says:

    One of the best digitial marketing resources I have seen in a long time. Its so difficult at times to summarise key initiatives and this has been done to best in class standard. Well done Hallam Team

  36. Tonya says:

    Thanks for this excellent post.. and it was for good reason, I guess you learn something new everyday.


  37. Martyn Hodgson says:

    I recently ran a Graduate Business Academy getting 12 graduates “business ready” to work in smaller businesses.
    I used your map in my slides to explain the opportunities that exist to work in marketing if the graduates can help owners to “connect the stations”.
    Must’ve worked as one of the 12 secured a new role as a marketing officer. On his first day, the first thing he did was take out your map.

  38. Sankar says:

    Love the way the digital marketing elements organized in the info graphic. Well done.

    Why do you guys not allowed Pinterest! Anyway, I have pinned it.


  39. […] This is the ethos that we are trying to follow on the Hallam 404 page. As you can see below, we are trying to add value on the 404 page by offering a link to download our Digital Marketing Map. […]

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